my options regarding reliable seller

so hank from INTL Outdoor saying he can’t mail me the items to israel.
Mountain Electronics shipping cost is about 18$ (for 2X xml’s and 2X Qlite drivers) is unreasonable IMO…

would like to know whas are my options please,

What products are you looking for? anything specific?

Chinese sellers all ship to Israel, afaik.

which lights do you need?

If it is drivers - honestly I would just get the parts and build them myself. if that is something you are interested in.

as i mentioned, i need 2X xml’s and 2X Qlite drivers.
it sound cool to build a driver but i prefer to get it ready to use,

and regarding to chinese sellers, avidently not all of them are shipping to israel, hank isn’t for one, i bet it have somthing with the corona as i did get items from him in the past.

but the question remains,
what are my options?
who are the top sellers yall order from?

emitters I have ordered previously came through:

- (top notch service, they used to have free shipping. not any longer IMO)

- kaidomain (good selection for enthusiasts and Ban is here on the forum, great shop)

- ebay (try .ca, .com, .de, or, to see all items. not all list everywhere)

  • Mouser (no longer shopping there because I am ramping down my driver builds, I have more drivers than lights)

I am sure someone will ship to Israel. From a logistical standpoint, I don’t see how they all would exclude you.

the q-lite drivers:

I would just look through the websites and get something similar. they are not that unusual to find. I don’t have a source, sorry.

Here are some places, for drivers and leds:
Lexel (Germany) - [Sale] 7. batch DD 1S/2S Bistro HD OTSM/NarsilM/Anduril drivers 12-47.5mm size S2+, C8, H03, MT03, Q8 Clicky or E-switch
Convoy Store (AliExpress) (China)-
led4power (currently closed, will reopen in august, eventually) (Croatia) - / : LD-4 CC linear drivers, ILC-0/1 illuminated tailcaps, optics, MOSX, copper DTP MCPCBs...
MTN electronics (USA) -
LHT flashlight store (this is Kaidomain AliExpres Store) (China) -
Kaidomain (China) -
Mantaray Store (AliExpress) -

Ask Simon (Convoy Store) if he is shipping to your country currently, maybe it is a good option!

Fasttech? Unno…

So weird, your country is not even listed on Ebay’s list of countries.
Ebay lists like 20 countries they ship to and list of countries that are excluded is about 100. Very weird. Is there some kind of Embargo?

This is Convoy Aliexpress store and looks like Simon is shipping to your country, Shipping seems to be included in the prices.

Interesting, when you change country on Aliexpress, everything gets translated to your native language even the annoying banners on top.

Another website that ships free to you is Fast tec,


yeah guys good stuff! :beer:
thanks so much ill take a look on all those links,
usually israel have no problems with shipping what so ever but now, corona made many sellers to charge for shipping while most of them use to free ship befor the corona days,
and some sellers are canceling orders and refunds as they cant sort out shipping method or something, hope it will all be fine soon,

Yeah, I have something coming from Lithuania, it was shipped at the start of this month and only just today had an update in the US. Much slowness.

Convoy Store dose not have a variety of LED’s (still a great store and i have few convoy lights ofc)
MTN , i wish i could afford but shipping cost is a deal breaker if you only buy few items like i do.
Fasttech can get the drivers but could not find the led’s i want

kaidomain so it all comes down to kaidomain atm,
but then i remember that i placed an order of 15 Clicky Switchs 2.5 month ago (with tracking) but the items did not arrived so far,
gonna mail them and see what they say about it,
if i will get a reasonable replay, i will place another order.

no replay from kaidomain, shame
3 emails and nothing…

Member BanL is the rep of Kaidomain here on BLF:

For things related to Kaidomain, you can also check this thread: KD (kaidomain): Deals and new products thread

I hope it helps in some way :+1:

thanks so much, i did a PM to BanL,
will update.

PM to BanL from KD was good idea.
today i recived an email from KD:

“The pacakge was shipped in May and return back for custom security checking, and already arrange to resend it.
Please kindly wait for some days. It will be arrived asap.
So sorry for your inconvenience.”

i wish it will not be necessary to PM BanL next time, they should replay to my emails…
anyway, thanks alot for the info.