My other hobby.. LOTS OF PICS

Mk 1 audi TT

standard red alarm led upgraded to ultra bright blue..

These shine up the side of the house

New numberplate light upgrade

Boot open

Front DRL's

These are the strips i got frim Dino

A few inside

Door puddle lights

Door handle led

Sorry for all the pics i got a bit carried away

Those red interior lights are cool. I have a Mazda3 and it has all red (really orangish) lights for controls, but it doesn't light up the interior like that. Are they on all the time or just when the door is open?

Looks like somebody sold you a defective car and put the steering wheel on the wrong side . . .

In the open boot shot - it really makes me think that that boot lid needs a set of fangs It looks like a huge open mouth. It definitely needs one of these.

I take it darkness runs away screaming from it.

My lighting improvements tended to be fitting 130/100W headlamp bulbs in bikes old enough to be allowed such things. But it does get interesting with a 45W alternator when the battery dies on you. '70's Hondas had lights that were a real turn on for glow worms but utterly useless for seeing where you were going at above 20mph.

Nah, just defective roads where everyone thinks they should be driving on the wrong side

The lights in the footwell and the doors only come on when you open the door, the rest are on with the headlights

BTW steering wheel is on the correct side it's everyone else thats backwards :-)

Hi Don i noticed your little light post and it looks good but i prefer the led lenser one just for its design..

But apparently works in fewer lighter sockets. There appear to be quite large variations in the size of the hole and the depth of the contacts in these. But then I have a 6D Mag in the boot which works in no lighter socket.

Okay, now i know where the parties at.......too bad we cant disco dance in there. lol Looking good bud.