my own XML2, XHP50.2 HI´s, not chemical dedomed, as good as XPL HI´s

Razor blade is the first step
I used a thicker washer for it as first step

Then a 2. 0.1mm thinner washer for the 1500grit paper

3. Washer 0.1mm thinner
start with 2500 grit
used 5000 then
last a very old used 5000 one

Looks great.
May I suggest XHP35 E4?
What’s the source of washers?

Nice work.

I have done this long time ago with XHP70, and used only 1000 grit sandpaper to leave the surface little bit muddy and claen everything with isopropyl alcohol. Results are amazing in terms of throw and beam looks phenomenal.
Only downside is lumens lost up to 20%…

Great work Lexel !

Ok, i just tried it with XPL2 HD, i can confirm, it is harder then it looks.

You really have to have the good size shim and it would be nice if you have it from alu or another hard material, since the plastic convoy butterfly spacer which i used is too soft.

I (accidently) cut off the rim of the spacer and ended up quite low, but i managed to get a nice and clean cut. (Don’t know if there is any material left to sand it down to get it even flatter)
Do i see a bondwire over there ?

The result is good, but not what i hoped for, throw improved but it still shows the ugly yellow/greenish corona

Have to compare it with fresh charged cells against a XPL-HI to get real world results and see if it outthrows XPL-Hi

You need to remove all phosphor around the die to get rid of the yellow corona.

That would turn it into a blue corona and reduce the lumen output.

I think this is how skylumen do it too… he shave dome on sst40 lately and it doesnt turn out green. Output is great too. Here is his sst40 shave dome led.

You can keep a tiny layer, but practically speaking removing most of it will imrpove the beam quality.

Maybe cutting it away at an edge, say 45 degrees, makes for the best beam? Nice work Yokiami!

So Lexel when are you going to start offering the dedomed LEDs for sale?

I would like to see this done to Samsung LH351D as well…

why selling those?

all you need are 2 slightly different washer thickness one for cut and one for sanding
get 1500 and 5000 grit paper for 7$ from Ebay
and a razor blade

Interesting idea. Did you sand leds under water or dry? Did you measure the throw of the xhp 50.2?

Why sell ’em? Because we’re lazy maybe? A bit unsure of ourselves? Prefer your proven results over trying it with our own precious emitters? Some of us drink coffee, you know. Caffeine is not great for steadiness of hands.

the amount of domed emitters which usually get sliced
which I have in my box I can count on my fingers 5 XPL W2-2B
a few XML2
Nichia I would not really make sense to do it on high CRI which have a wonderful tint

I would do it on orders, but shipping time from China for emitters is slow and Mouser does only have good bins of XHP35HDs

Can you tell us what washer thickness did you use?

1mm and 1.2mm for XML

on Flip chip Emitters you could get closer to the phosphor, as they have no bond wires

I have a question. How about slicing the dome and then applying a thin layer of transparent lacquer? Like some modders do with dedomed emitters for the phosphorus protection. That would make the silicone surface smooth even without polishing. My only concern is whether there is any such a kind of lacquer that would not destroy the silicone. Is that even possible?