my own XML2, XHP50.2 HI´s, not chemical dedomed, as good as XPL HI´s

How did you do it? :+1:

Nice slice!

Beer its just using good German bear to develop that technique

the final LED is not sliced

:beer: Yes that is the key I agree!

Beer in combination with right flat washer and dremmel polish tool :wink:

I have a Dremel, but its not used for it

now I see the wilkinson razor blade in the picture! :person_facepalming:

Wow, nice job lexel!

A peel washer would be handy for slicing domes off too.
Nice and clean there, Lexel :+1:

It looks nice. But, how can it be as good as XPL?

I mean from the surface smoothness they are even better than XPL HIs

I can do this with all LEDs

one thing with bond wires is the fine tuning

Firts attempts look like this

Bond wired cut

Sliced and then sanded/polished down with 1500 or finer with a washer as a guide to maintain width/flatness.

The silicone surface needs to be cleaned thoroughly and little bit of debris, when the emitter heats up will burn the silicone.

Wow that looks pretty tidy.

As everyone else seems to be guessing the technique, I’m going guess microtome


and the winner is

but yes those microscope slice machines might work as well, but are out of my budget

:wink: :+1:

Sweet. Nice Lexel. :+1:

Looks great :+1:

So, when does sale start? :innocent:

I second this, “when does the sale start?”

Good tip Lexel, might try it myself sometime.
Do you think it will work on XPL2 HD? It should outperform XPL-hi in my opinion
Have to buy some razorblades first, always use my Philishave :wink: