My UF-H2b from DinoDirect has arrived!

Just a heads up for those involved in the much debated group buy from DinoDirect, mine arrived today, 8 days after ordering.

Link to item -

I'm very impressed. Comes with nice presentation box containing the torch and the headband.

Bright, floody beam, ramping works well if a little fast, it goes dim enough to be able to look directly into the led. The magnet in the base is strong enough to hold it at any angle. It seems very well made. Only tried with a LSD NiMh so far, I have some 14500s here but might just let someone else try that first ;)

So, my first purchase from DinoDirect is a resounding success, thank you Semur. And cheers for the little bag of crystal mud, the missus loves that stuff.

I look forward to seeing if everyone else gets the same thing.

Very nice! Good to see everything worked out well.

LOL! (last pic)

Nice Pic.

Does yours have a VERY visible PWM on any level other than max?

Well, that is encouraging! Thanks! Great pictures you posted. You received yours after 8 days, mine shipped after 8 days. You post here helps me wait patiently. Nice presentation box too...

The box looks nice - it's aweful, that my light wouldn't have it. Mine is shipped yesterday and the picture of the item shows only cheap foil - Semur wrote in the other thread that the box are out of stock.

It's noticeable only if I shine it on a moving fan blade, but in normal use, not at all.

Also, the strobe mode isn't, it's a slow SOS.

The light looks really high quality. I think I will be getting one.

I've just received UF-H2b safely this afternoon..seem to be good quality after external inspection. I'm testing with ni-MH after 15 mins felt very warm....I'll test more tomorrow...:-)

Hey, glad to see you guys are already receiving these. I got a shipment notice yesterday.

Can you tell us when you received your notice the light was shipped? Just trying manage my expectations.


I got my shipped notice 2 days after ordering, so 6 days for delivery.

mine was 3 days after ordering...on 20th

Hello. Could you please to us that are not in the know what a visible PWM means? I know PMS. Is it similar?

thank you...

Pulse Width Modulation. A technique of varying the brightness of a LED by flashing it on and off very quickly, making it appear to the eye that the LED is dimmer. Good PWM is at such a high rate that you can't notice it. But if you wave your hand in front of the light and get a strobe effect, the PWM is getting too low. Some use current regulation which makes the light dimmer without PWM and is also more efficient.


Actually , it can be slightly to very annoying....

I was lucky enough to get the "tactical" box, and this light appears and feels well made. Good construction, solid but not overdone clicky, smooth threading, good clip might spoil me on my standard for budget any lights. I was also surprised by the size. It's just a hair longer and a little wider than my Black Cat (AAA battery).

It's hard to compare the light output, since it's much floodier than other small lights, but I think that's good for headlight use.

I also tried 14500 and NiZn with success.

I would have to say 5 stars with the only possible exception being the headband clips. They work, but they're tight, and I'm not sure how long they will last if you take the light in/out a lot. However, I found out with the size, flood and clip you can just clip the light to your collar, and it makes a nice headband alternative especially if you're working with your hands out in front of you. I realize that puts the nerd factor through the roof, but hey, you can't hold back when you're fighting off the darkness.

I know members have had issues in the past with DinoDirect, but I have to give them 5 stars on my experience. Communication was good, shipping quick, free upgrade to registered mail, great product.

A big THANKS to Agenthex and Semur for putting this together. I hope there are more,and I hope the members that have contributed so much to BLF get another offer at least as good as this one.

ooooooooooh the pain. the pain. i ordered mine right away but ... no light yet - maybe takes longer to get to the mid-west

I must also admit that I was a little hesitent regarding an order from a seller with (at least a few) complaints.

Happy end - order for 1 x UF-H2b received, flashlight is excellent (I got also the box), very good quality, above average for a budget light!!!

This is my 1st headlamp (I don't have any Zebralight) and looks cool, I'll see more when the need for jobs in dark spots arises!


hello everyone, i am glad that some of the members have got the headlamps and are satisfied with it. thanks for your support.