my version of a 100 watt led flashlight

I’m just curious as to why no one seems to use bridgelux vero 29s as the LED when making these things. They make some big lumens and the ratings are trustworthy.

I know nothing about that led. :slight_smile:

You don’t need to hand-carry these.
Just put a rubber skirt on it and duct the cooling fan downward.
Hovercraft flashlight!

your funny :slight_smile: the fan is strong, but not that strong. now granted I do have 2 spare edf fans that would possibly lift it. but dunno…

okay, managed to get the primer core out while leaving the primer cap in the end. so now I can progress, I’ll order a reflector I hope, and then I can start putting it together taking pictures along the way. dont know if I’ll paint it or leave it varnished.
biggest reflector I can find is a KD 86mm, I’d like a 100 mm or bigger one. anyone have a clue where I can find one?

95 mm, but you have to order a minimum of 5… I’d be tempted to buy one or two off of you if you end up going this route, DB Custom did the same thing when he ordered 5. Or, if you want, I could order them and sell you what you want and see if others are interested….just an option no worries either way.

A few people here have used them with good results:

well I only need one, so I’d love to get one from you. it would help me out. I can send ya the money via paypal.

Alrighty, I’ll try to order them by tomorrow night, I’ll PM you when I do. I’ll probably keep two, anyone else that wants one PM me, first come first serve :slight_smile:

some more new images :slight_smile:





Lookin good!

Is it running? How’s the beam with that optic?

little floody kinda why I want the reflector. :slight_smile:

How about the larger optic?

You might want to look at the RC world for alternative battery sources.

You can buy up to 10S battery packs. Or 20,000mAh packs and all have very high discharge rates compared to the flighlight world.

thank you for the tip,
yea this could help, but TBH, its an old project (actualy my first LED project) it was awsome learning experience but not much more then that,
IMO this setup is not efficient enough to go ahed and spend on expensive battery pack,
if im gonna upgrade this setup with an expensive battery pack, i would upgrade the LED and driver aswell,
even something like 4 x cree XML with a proper optics would do better.
only with a use of better components it can be a flashlight wich you can actualy use in real life, otherwise it will be too big and heavy to justify the output / runtime,
but again, it great learning experience and alot of fun :slight_smile:

Reflectors ordered, PM sent to firehopper:)

reflector should arrive soon today, then I can see if I can figure out how I can attach it, then figure out what battery I want to use.

its now here

image before I did anything to it


after I cut off the bottom


sitting on the led module


That looks awesome!

it doesnt really seem to do much for the beam, but it does cut down on the flooding a little bit.

Do you have a picture looking down into the reflector? I’m curious, it may be that your led is so big that even that large of a reflector isn’t focusing it all that well. Still you may be able to improve it.

I know you had to cut it to make it work but have you played with the height of the reflector over the led to see if you can get it to focus any better? Higher or lower may make a massive difference in how the beam looks. If you have a smaller bare led to light up you can hold it inside the reflector to try different heights without modifying your light.

You may know this but reflectors have a focal length like lenses, if you aren’t at the right spot with the light source it won’t perform as well. I say this knowing that you may not be able to get the led at the right height and still have the design work right.



try that