My very first flashlight mod

I have had a Surefire 6P flashlight for a number of years with the old style incandescent P60 drop in and only being able to use CR123 batteries in it. Well, the old bulb finally gave up the ghost. Since I am quite new to performing any type of mods to a flashlight I thought I would check this forum and others for ideas in improving the 6P. Well, I could not bring myself to paying $30 plus on an original replacement P60 drop in and began searching for something newer and brighter. I found a 3v-18v 3watt cree drop in module for $6.99 shipped that was 6P compatible. I proceeded to order it. In the mean time, I wanted to bore the flashlight tube so that is would take 18650 batteries but, I had no way to do it with lathe equipment, nor did I have drill bits large enough. So, what I did instead was to take the largest drill bit I had, 3/4 inch and proceeded to cut sand paper sheets of various grits, to the length I needed to sand/bore the full length of the flashlight body. I then wrapped the sandpaper tightly around the drill bit and inserted the bit/sandpaper into the flashlight. I used electrical tape to hold the sandpaper tube on the drill bit shank closest to the drill to prevent the sandpaper from just slipping on the drill bit. I started with the heaviest grit paper I had and began the boring process. After about an hour or so of boring, changing sandpaper, making the circumference of the sandpaper tube larger, I final reached the point where an 18650 battery would slide into the flashlight tube with ease. I then blew the flashlight body off with compressed air, wiped the body clean and lubed the threads on both ends. I assembled the light and voila, a new and improved Surefire 6P.
I should note that the flashlight body was held in place in a vice during the boring process and should not be held in your hands due to possible injury. I wish to thank this forum for helping me create the new and improved 6P flashlight. As soon as I learn more about led circuitry, drivers and the like, I will be trying more flashlight mods :)!

Welcome to the bright side lol, prepare to be broke.

For next time a cheap 3/4” (at the largest) step bit (plus a drill bit extender) is what I use to bore surefires, works great and leaves a nice smooth finish once you get the feel for it.

Congrats on the boring process. (No pun intended.)

Welcome to the modding community!

Congrats on your successful mod. Sounds like you've been bitten by the bug good.

Nice mod, and welcome to BLF!

Great mod (and tenacity)! Welcome to BLF :-)

Thanks so much for all the replies. Will tackle more flashlight mods as I learn more on this forum.