My very small collection of flashlight stuff.. UPDATED

Olight m3x triton
Led lenser p3
Led lenser p7
5mw green laser
And i have a keygos ke-5 on the way :slight_smile:
Xtar wp2 ii charger
2 xtar 18700 batteries
2 tank 007 18650 batteries

New lights since i first posted this thread are…….

xtar wk26…. my new edc
keygos ke-5
nitefighter f30c…… love this light!
trustfire mini-01

on the way is a sipik sk68 :slight_smile:

Very nice. I love the Olight. And I was not aware Tank 007 had a re-branded battery. Good charger you have there and it looks like your edc has gotten a lot of use.

Love that O-light!

thanks, yeah im a builder so the edc just gets chucked in my back pocket along with a knive…. its a bit worn but still works a treat :slight_smile:
absolutely love the m3x…. its a beast!!! i didnt realise a light was capable of such things!!! haha

nice p3! i have one coming in next week from amazon for $15! hows the p7?

yeah its ok, think im going to replace it with a fenix tk 35 though unless the keygos i ordered is any good then i may leave it. havent got to use the p7 or m3x a lot yet though as its only dark at about 11 at night lol. the zoom is good on the p7 for general walking about with the dog for when you require both flood and throw :slight_smile: the p3 has took some hammer!!! if its still alive after 3 month of been in my work jeans its proved its worth lol

Just been looking through some of my old threads…… my my! have have a few more lights than this now!!! :bigsmile:

Kick myself everytime i read your name for not buying one of the Nitefighters…… :slight_smile:


lol…oh dear, iv googled them since i got one of the 5 on ebay and i actually think you cant buy them any more, dont know why this is at all as i love mine :~
maybe the company went bust?? seems odd that there isnt one for sale anywhere doesnt it.

Green lasers are fun but you could also expand into those blue violet lasers. They’re basically a UV laser and make fluorescent things glow brightly.

Go on,rub it in a bit more……lol
Correct,i cant find one.Worst of all is i had seen them that day and didnt buy.He who dares Rodney,he who dares……lol


lol i was fast off the mark with it…. i did let people know on here and they went within a couple of hours if i remember right!

still not checked it out for throw yet but i think ill take it out at the weekend instead of the m3x… last weekend somebody got blinded by that thing on a track iv been taking the dog down lol

haha nice selection :beer: