My very small Solarforce Collection


Are they all true SolarForce or is there clones in there also?

I love that what looks like polished silver 3x 18650 cell light! Whats the specs on it and whats in it?

I think i see an L2T in there also, How you like that? I ordered one when they went on sale for $16.99 last week.

I promised myself id do an all "Blinged" out SF with alot of SS and best looking accessories, Did you do one like that? I havent started mine yet, Maybe this coming month i will.

Anyhow thats a massive collection and shows how much you like them, Imo they make the best quality light/host for the money, Just never the brightest. But we can fix that ourselves.

Great collection!

Great collection!

The two on the very back end are Clones , The 3x18650 is in fact 4xAA , and runs a 0-100% variable ramping drop in from DX

Two clones - and twenty genuine ..

Yes I like the L2T , there are two now - Yesterday the 2nd L2T and L2i arrived , I also like the L2i very much with a low voltage drop in as it will run so many battery types . :slight_smile:

(Thinks to self) Is this some sort of sick distorted wet dream (END Thought)

Wow awesome

Well , its only taken about 3 years ...

+ The best bang for buck P60 hosts

+ Im never happy with just one .

I really want the 5th one from the right the gray colored one. What is it link please?

Looks like L2P. Temporarily sold out at

That figures.

OMG, 18pcs!

Awesome collection, I'm jealous.

Question time. I just looked at all the lights on their website and most have strike bezels on them, which is cool but I can't have a strike bezel light on my belt holster or it pokes me in the side. The L2T doesn't have a strike bezel but it says not to use rechargeable batteries, which is all I use.

Anyone have a suggestion for me? Do they offer normal bezels on some of their lights? I sure see a lot in the pic in this thread. Thanks for any input.

Sold out at the moment - last time - it was sold out for over 12 months

Very nice 4570

You can use rechargeables, just not rechargeable cr123's It uses a 18650 just fine.

If you don't mind looking at the "other" board, here is a link to a thread with an explaination as to why they are not recommended:

Thanks for the info. I went back and looked and you are right, it will run on one 18650, I have those. I'm new here and haven't had a chance to read all the threads... From their website it looks like the L2T is a single mode, correct? If that's the case I'll probably still buy one but that is WAY too many lumens for an EDC light that I use at work.