My W30 fell apart

Seems my W30 fell apart and i cant get it back together

It costs a bit more than a cft-90 led and driver. it will be interesting to see how it goes behind a big aspheric. Not sure what driver to use yet or just just use the original. i have a marinebeam light on order. just need a good pair of safety googles now

I hate it when the front falls off. :partying_face:

Here is a bit more sorry about the photo quality

There is a small PCX lens with belly out over the phosphor

I am fairly certain the diode id behind the phosphor the mirror is the beam dump and directs the coherent light to the side.

I dont want to power it up out of the light to take current readings because i dont have safety gear yet

Thanks for the photos. Could you please do some lens photos as well?

Lens is a plastic double convex scratches easily or im just clumsy

Just ordered another one incase i destroy this one. Is the lens on the phosphor a precollimator? Do i need the beam dump if i handle it like a laser? Do i swap the laser for a more powerful one or over drive the original? Do i use a 127mm double convex or a 178mm PCX?

Ive been conidering trying a few experiments with home brew LEP I have several high powered lasers kicking about (my other hobby) and ive been wondering about firing up a Dedomed emitter with a collimated coherent beam … little bit concerned about going blind though i do have some bar&stroud goggles

will be following this post with interest , how are they directing the beam into the phosphor?, I assume its not tightly collomated (else it would burn through the phosphor) either that or they have used a low powered blue on a TTL pulse ??

Lots of things you could try here

Edit: i dont see any lens between the diode mirrors and phosphor ??

I may be wrong, but I don’t believe the diode is below the phosphor. That lens next to the phosphor is the laser which points forward (toward the aspheric lens at the front of the head) and the two mirrors direct the laser down onto the surface of the phosphor.

Please excuse my extremely crude drawing.

I’ve seen many people more knowledgable than me mentioning that for proper throw a lens shall be plano convex or concave convex.
It’s curious that they used double convex.
Does anyone have an explanation for that?

BTW…I wonder if one could use a collar to improve performance and efficiency. Fitment issues aside - it should work with precise enough placement.

Rayoui - your drawing is correct.

Hmm R025 resistor…. :smiling_imp:

Possibly Yes. In lasers the light from the diode exits almost straight so the optic really just needs to true the beam up a little (double convex) to keep it parallel (collomated)

with LED the light from the emitter exits at quite a wide angle with considerable divergence, the lens really has to make a massive adjustment to get it even close to parallel its not true collomation and should really have a second double convex lens after the aspheric to fully collmate the light. this is why you will always have the beam diverging the father it gets away

In LEP i believe because the phosphor is being excited from the top emitting side the light has way less divergence probably not as a tight as a laser diode but a good deal tighter than a conventional LED so they are able to collomate it properly with a double convex

Eye protection is a must, you could put an eye patch on then you will only damage one eye. I AM JOKING!!
i was thinking about hitting a dedomed led with a laser. XPL or XHP35 HI would be the best to start with.
It looks like the diode is soldered into the centre of the PCB and the dump is to the side. might have a few jack daniels for courage and desolder it.
The plastic lens is probably lighter and cheaper and i think the beam could be made tighter with a different lens
Enderman posted links explaining aberration in the 2 lens types remember seeing them but dont know where.

Correct do you think a resistor mod is the way to go? i can do the mod on this driver and do a swap, the new one should be here by friday. Also have a new laser distance meter coming for measurements

I was wrong you are correct

BTW…I wonder if one could use a collar to improve performance and efficiency. Fitment issues aside - it should work with precise enough placement.

I have ordered a marinebeam for the collar i was thinking it was a gimick although i am probably wrong.

I believe this is to prevent dangerous Coherent laser emission from the business end of the light :sunglasses:

See my earlier post , not convinced this will have much effect on this setup

That makes sense so the phosphor is the dump


Yep exactly that!, phosphorus doesn’t reflect it just converts energy to luminescence.

I don’t think so. LEP is a Lambertian emitter (much like a LED) and light is scattered in all directions. I just checked it up…
So the beam needs to be narrowed down rather than widened.

While making sure that the emission is Lambertian I stumbled upon a patent for a RLT collar on a LEP. :person_facepalming:

When a layman (like me) can come up with an invention by themselves, it shall not be patentable. But reality shows otherwise.

Oooo well in that case you could massively improve performance :smiling_imp:

it really sucks how they have tied up those collars so no one can use them, they have so many applications and i mean really they could be making a fortune selling them as an upgrade

There greed will backfire because sooner or later the chinese will rip it off and they will have missed out on all of those sales (rant over)