My white D4 project

Ever since I got the Emisar D4 in white I’ve been pretty stupidly impressed with its appearance. I don’t know why but I’m kind of really motivated to customize this beautiful little flashlight.

I made a thread trying to find a way to make the PCB white so that the red doesn’t show through the lens but now I’m thinking of working on more.

I have heard that many people drill out the Carclo optics to accept a tritium vial, so I’ve ordered a couple of those in white. I’m going to try to drill it out with a #53 and if that’s too tight a #54 drill bit. If anyone has any advice or anything, I’d love to hear it!

I’d like to find a WHITE 18350 tube for the D4, but they do not seem to be available anywhere. Please let me know if you know where to buy one.

I’d also like to find a white button boot if that is possible. Does anyone know of such a thing?

I will buy some paint soon and try to mask off the LEDs and paint it carefully. I’d prefer using a brush or even just some thin material that would make a mask. I have been looking for <1mm thick white silicone or BUNA rubber but so far no luck. Hopefully I find a good method.

I’ve been really inspired by builds by CRX and others. I would like to just make my pocket flashlight my own personal special show piece.

Sounds cool! Looking forward to some photos.

How about a high-temperature enamel spray paint used for engines and grills? You could spray a small amount into a container and apply it with a brush to the MCPCB.

Are you familiar with Taobao and Taobao agents? The white tube for Emisar D4 would be available here (first option):


I have seen high temperature resistant white tape (fibreglass, maybe silicone??) Should be googleable.

Regarding the white MCPCB, why not get this one and reflow your emitters onto it?

Or you can buy it with LH351Ds already soldered:

And for the white 18350 tube: ask Hank directly. Maybe he has some spare ones to sell. He it very forthcoming with special requests.

Sadly I have no idea for a white switch boot other than hunting AliExpress for a matching white rubber boot.

It should have 6500K LEDs too. :slight_smile:

He said White, not Blue! :confounded:

i think 6500 is pure white, isn’t it?
i didn’t mean lattice bright 50CRI blue. :person_facepalming:


I used 0.5mm transparent silicone sheet as a base for some of my switch mods, I found some 1mm white sheet with a quick search but 0.5mm would be better I think. There must be some somewhere.
There is a fair bit experimentation involved in making your own switch boots, I know :weary:

You could make your own white gasket for the D4 from some heat resistant material (silicone sheet again?) to cover up the red MCPCB.

3Tronics is still coating lights for very reasonable prices, white might be available if you ask him via PM. Just some ideas :+1: