Mystery led in "SkyRay 7xXM-L2"

Have any of you seen these kind of leds before, what they might be? I think definitely not Cree?

High res: Leds

Here is also driver board if someone is interested:

High res: Driver

And ebay link for this light:

Its prolly a nasty chinese version of 3535 leds( Epistar invented those, quality ones are from LG and Samsungs, some Epistar itself too)

more info in this thread…

Now I am curious as well so sub-ed
They look totally different from the leds in my 3x and 4x SRK (both probably not cree as well)
These look like a good shape for zoomies though

Oh thanks, i have totally missed these writings. Damn these fakes… If not Latticebright then some other noname. :confused:

The Miller, do you have picture about ones you got? Where did you buy those?

Yes I bought magnification clip on lens with leds to make pics of leds
I put the pics in the fake cree awareness thread.
Today SRK nr 3 arrived, leds were even worse
I buy at AliExpress because of their nice dispute method so far this is the outcome:
opened disputes for first SRK, ultrafire C8, ultrafire zoomie (the infamous G700), another ultrafire that was send instead of ordered flashlight - all full refund no shipping back.
Opened dispute for the second SRK and sent pics to seller of the third asking for a genuine SRK (likely dispute needed as well)

I ordered 10 neutral white XML2s (€27 AliExpress) and 2 DIY V1 sets with mcpcb (€20 inc shiping RMM) to mod 2 to practice and our idea is to order the V2 set at RMM to mod two more.

So it seems like we have decent SRK s for less then $20 a piece thanks to overrated ads on AliExpress.