Mystery " lep" in wurkkos alistore

This is in wurkkos store front, and I’ve ordered a silver. It’s cheap as can be and Includes a 26650
Silver says it’s a laser emitter and black says it’s an xhp160

Anyone know anything about it ?

US $21.55 51%OFF | Super White Laser Led Flashlight High Powerful Torch USB Rechargeable 26650 Waterproof Zoomable Light Hunting Lantern Power Bank\_mM2qM5W

Looks like an aspheric lens on it…. I wonder if it is very badly misleading described as ‘laser’ think I’d be wanting to seek a refund.

Yea, I have faith in wurkkos to come good on it if it is a mistake.

LED is in the name. You are calling it a LEP. Yes they also use the word laser and lantern. And they say it is zoomable. The only mistake was ordering it.

I think it’s pretty clear that it’s an LED light that is zoomable(Asperic lense). The rest of the description is misleading along with those photos!

I doubt very much if it is an LEP/Laser type flashlight. There is not one that exists for $21!

I am selling a REAL one if your interested. At a very good price. It’s at the very bottom of the Front page soon to be the top of page 2. Matemenco FW3

It’s a cheap zoomie.

The black one comes with the “XHP160” lol. Obviously the XHP160 doesn’t exist.

The “silvery” one comes with what looks like a round die LED, like the YinDing 5050. They call it the “LED white laser” which also isn’t a thing that exists. They’re not calling it an LEP, though.

Because it’s a round die, it will have a LEP-ish circular beam when zoomed in, but it won’t throw in LEP territory. Some of the round die LED’s do throw well though, so it could be pretty fun and impressive.

The Convoy Z1 with SFT-40 would probably be the much better buy. Yea it’s $30, but it won’t break like that one inevitably will.

If you google XHP160 you get instantly a bunch of flashlights with 900000 100000000 and even more lumens.
Look at the photos, they are the usual amaz ing stuff sold for a few bucks.
I even guess, they are made from plastic….

100% not an LEP, just a generic zoomie. Fairly obvious given that two photos show an LED. When focused it gives out a narrow laser-like beam.

White version: looks like the Yinding 5050 LED
Black version: XHP160

Cheapest true LEP is the Natfire SF2 I reviewed.