N00B withan A6 wants an EDC with a norrow 'beam'

The XinTD C8 reman linked is a fantastic choice as well that will out-throw the D80

Thanks everyone for taking the time to reply.

As I mentioned I have the light all of two days. And what I’ve been using all these years to trudge to my man cave is a 3 cell led Maglite. So it dawned on me to compare the two. OK, You can stop laughing now.

But here’s my issue. I tend to have a bum wrist and thumb; and while this doesn’t present much trouble using the A6 for my intended purposes, ergonomically, I can already tell tail clicky’s are gonna agravate my condition.

I prefer the form factor of the A6 and what I need is to be able to hold the light with an Underhand Grip. Something like the Nitecore P12GT or the Fenix PD35 or the Olight S30R. I’m leaning towards the Fenix ’cause it seems the side switch functions without having to first use the tailswitch.

So the search continues …

Since you mentioned those small side switch lights, what about this one: http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Free-shipping-Roche-F6-EDC-HAIII-CREE-XM-L2-U2-1A-LED-Flashlight/330416_1854425141.html?
Has a side switch, small size, convoy quality (good quality) and if you put a dedomed xpg2 in it it should have a decent narow beam.
If that one is too small look at the convoy L4: http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Free-Shipping-Convoy-L4-Cree-XM-L2-U2-1A-side-switch-LED-Tactical-Flashlight/330416_1240920792.html.
Also side switch, good quality and can run on 1 or 2 18650’s for extended runtime.
This L4 has a similar (if not the same) size as a C8.

Thijsco19 has very good suggestions.

Another thing that you may want to try for your A6 would be a "cigar grip". Some people have accomplished this with a heaving but tight fitting o-ring.

So I made a decision. But just to say, it’s going to be quite a while before I even consider moding. Way to much on my plate as it is.

The “cigar grip” tip is just what I need. Now to find one that fits the A6. My thanks to bugsy36 !

ThruNite T12. Cool White just so I can see the difference. Saves me a bit of $ over the Fenix that I can use for batteries. Which by the way the Big A has Intsun® 4pcs 3.7V 18650 3400mah for $16.95 Y/N?

Happy New Year BLF

My family now thinks I need Flashlight Intervention !!!

That cigar grip is JackClipper's idea. I never gave it any thought until he mentioned it and I am fairly certain he demonstrated the o-ring

The short answer is "no"

I am on the way out the door but others will chime in on good battery choices

Convoy S2, S6, or S8 with a smooth reflector and a de-domed (or even domed) XP-G2.

Just wait, just wait…….your affliction has only just begun. My wife has actually pat searched me before going into events like concerts, hot air balloon festivals, and block parties because she gets deathly embarrassed when I do something like illuminating the entire stage or half the crowd at a Slipknot concert haha

Cheap cells almost never have the stated capacity and there are also fakes of better brands. For this light you want high-discharge cells to get all of it’s performance, and no cheap cells can do that. Best at the moment are the Samsung 30Q, LG HG2, Sony VCT5 and a few others. I get good results with the Efest 2500 but there is some recent question of it’s true capacity. Lesser cells will operate the light but not as bright as it is capable of and they won’t last as long. This light has low-voltage protection to prevent damage to the cell from over-discharge so protected cells are not necessary but if you are going to use the cells in a different unprotected light they may make a better choice.

Similar for chargers, cheap ones will shorten cell life, destroy cells, and may even cause thermal runaway and fire even with good cells. Decent cells and chargers aren’t cheap but the longer life, higher capacity, and safer charging make them worth the extra cost. You don’t need the very best stuff but you do need good stuff. One of the cheaper good chargers is the Xtar VC2 but there are others. I’m sure more folks will recommend some here but if you care to read HKJ’s reviews of cells and chargers (scroll to the end of his posts to see concluding comments) you will learn a lot and will know exactly what to buy as the best value.

Money spent on good cells and good chargers is an investment that pays of handsomely in the long run, far exceeding the initial savings on cheap cells that don’t perform or endure and cheap chargers that ruin your cells. As was told me when I got started, “Cheap lights, but only good cells and chargers”.


This is a good option if you want to stay with the tube format. Nothing compared to a real thrower, but you get a compact light that is very usable outside.

From post #10 here:

Convoy S2+, XM-L2, TIR optic vs. an S2, XP-G2, smooth reflector:

The picture was taken at 350 mA on both to have a fair comparison. But both lights have FET+1 drivers, similar to the BLF A6. Both lights have emitters with intact domes. The BLF A6 has more flood than either.

EDIT: The TIR above is the 10-degree model from FastTech.

Are there any TIRs that have more throw than the stock A6 reflector? The LEDDNA and Carclo ones I’ve tried all seem to do worse.

The Convoys look great and I may get one for the wife. But even then it would have to have a side switch.

Because I have Lumen Envy and a troublesome right thumb and wrist, I’d place the tight beam as an also ran. That’s why I’m thinking the ThruNite T12.

I probably will get the Samsung 30Q’s from Simon’s store tho.

Thanks for the tip, because if that’s what it takes to get MY Wife to pat search me …

I know you have already made your decision, but since you mentioned the Olight s30r I thought I would give my thoughts. I just received two s30s that I ordered on a thanksgiving sale. I did a bypass of the current sense resistor on one and gave it to my farther inlaw for Christmas. The mod only added a couple hundred ma’s of current, but the light is a true 1000 lumen light.I was surprised to find that this light had some throw to it as well. It has a much hotter and defined hotspot than my convoy s2 and s3.

Now, for the other one… I have fully modified the light. It now has a BLF DD FET driver with electronic switch fully potted and loaded with moppydrv firmware. There is a copper slug packed into the void behind the led to help pull some heat and a thermal pad under the reflector with the reflector tightly wrapped in aluminum foil and dropped into place. The tail cap and driver springs are bypassed as well.

I used a 20mm driver which is slightly bigger that the origional one. It worked out nicely though as there is another shelf before the origional one that holds the driver perfectly. This gave me more room to mount a switch and pot the driver. I did have to file the battery tube down by 1.5mm or so.

It is VERY bright and it does not visually drop lumens as I had expected. It does get hot though. With the brightness, user interface, small size and magnetic tail cap, I think this light is going to stay in my pocket for a long time.

You probably don’t want to go through all this work, but even stock the light is very nice. The s30r has an upgraded emitter and also has the charging dock which is pretty cool. Anyway…

A thread like this is what makes this forum so great. It’s funny it’s informative and I had a smile on my face the whole time I was reading it. And I think you’re right about the A6, it is a “gateway drug”. Keep up the good work.

Just for interest sake… A Convoy S2 XP-G2 S4 mod

There have been so many that have recommended Convoy that I went over and over the available models and mtn electronics offers a dedomed* version. While it’s not a tube light per se, since I almost always carry a tactical bag with me, the 45mm+ head won’t be that much of an inconvenience considering the included extension tube is a big plus.

So unless I hear back that I’m making a terrible mistake, I’m pulling the trigger on the L4 tomorrow.

I may still purchase the TN12 if I find the L4 a bit to bulky and oversized.

BLF needs an Acronym Decoder Section

Bort has created a thread which gives a great introduction to those new to the hobby:

A Beginner’s Guide to Flashaholism

“Flashlightwiki” is another good source of info; it’s linked under “Related sites” on the left side of all BLF pages. And we’re always glad to answer questions when you can’t find the answers. Once you understand the acronyms and abbreviations you’ll find a lot more pleasure in reading the more advanced posts where such things are more common and you’ll be “speaking the lingo” along with us in no time at all.


Convoy L4 XM-L2 18650 Flashlight - Includes Extension Tube

  • Dedome LED: Yes
  • L4 LED: 1A

Panasonic NCR18650B Protected 3400mAh

XTAR VC2+ PLUS Master 2-Bay Charger - 14500 - 16340 18350 18500 - 18650 - 26650

  • 2.1A AC/USB Adapter (US): Add To Order

Now to wait …

I bought this http://kaidomain.com/Product/Details.S020966 from kaidomain,because some guy here in Greece told me about.
Is it easy to put it in the place of the mirror?And does some of you know about this tir optic and how it suits to BLF A6?