Naked 501a !

I never liked the shiny , slippery black finish on my 501a . I also feared the light would get lost if I ever dropped it in a vegetated area , due to it's diminuitive size and dark color .

So I de-anodized it with some Greased Lightning . I had already sanded off the bezel crenulations .

I'm running a custom E1320 neutral XPG five mode dropin with an 18350 .

I will not be polishing the light as I like the satin finish for better grip .

Mmmm . Shiny .

Well it does look better than the shiny black.

That looks great in the buff!

No no no

you need to go full polish ..... full bling and get a chain so you can represent .. Blf in da house Whoop whoop .

I knocked the nasty sharp off my bezel ... but I like it total flat like yours ...

time to grind some more .

The 5-mode/no blinky neutral is da bomb. That's a fine little light, just like it is.


you like that matte silver too don't you Foy ?...

Oh no.... it must be blingy

It should stay just as it is. I'm all burnt out on shiny silver. Used to think it was special.


It should be orange

:) ....

That's the best looking 501A I have ever seen, great job. Off to the store to buy some greased lightning.

Jack, pleased don’t show anymore flashlight pics without a nice lanyard attached.

Nicely done. The silver seems to make it look less "busy."

very similar looking on a wire wheel, but now i think i am going to finish it with some greased lightning, whatever that is. i hope they have it at the hardware store.

Excellent! Shiny black is not my favorite either

Could have baked it, though I think you've been there, done that.

looks good. does greased lightning take away the protectiveness of the anodizing or just the black?

i just upgraded my 501a today. already had the UF xpg r5 5 mode in it. swapped out the driver board for a KD 1520ma v2 board. no more nasty PWM. its a 3 mode now too.

I might bake mine.


Without anodizing it will definitely get scratched more easily. But with the unpolished finish, maybe it won't be as noticeable.

Will Greased Lightning take the baked HAII off if the color comes out bad?

It should. You're not really affecting the anodizing with baking, just the dye.

Naked Sanrenmu 763 !