Nanjg 105C sold out at KD


The NANJG 105C drivers are sold out at KD. :(

Probably replaced by their new AMC7135 drivers with unknown mode controller.

Just wanted to order some before that happens, but too late already... :(

damnit..hope the other one is decent at least..

What really bothers me are modes. Low is useless (except for moon-mode lunati.. err. enthusiats) Medium mode should be in 50% range. Judging by the pictures pcb quality could be worse than old ones. If they really wanted to offer moon mode they could have sacrifised one of the "ultra popular" strobe modes.

I just got 10 from here hopefully there supply holds out for a while. They ship a lot quicker than KD.

IIRC,this happened last year around the holidays.

Ric @ CNQG has some, and domestically I purchase them from Craig @

Just went and ordered some also. I'd be out of modding if they ever stopped making these.

Wonder if NANG has a website? Never been able to find one.


I know you can piggyback 7135's, but its such a pain soldering them for me. Does anyone know a source for drivers with more than 8 x 7135's?

I've looked for such driver myself, but I couldn't find any. But, you can get the individual chips here.

Thanks Hikelite. I actually have several 7135's left over from other projects. If something higher than 2.8A shows up, I'll post a thread.