NCR18650GA from China?

Initially, I thought it is a new wrapper for NCR18650GA ... until I saw "Made In China"


Is it “NCR18650GA style”? :wink:

localization of production. made in Suzhou, China. Slightly more capacity!

From what I know there are two variations the cells made in China and the cells made in Japan. A supplier sends me a price list and they are listed as different items but both are genuine Panasonic.

I guess they are authentic China made version. Not really sure it is worth the $0.60 saving for general flashlight purposes. Perhaps they might have a place for E-bike battery pack instead.


High-quality rechargeable lithium-ion batteries NCR18650GA
Brand: Sanyo
Model: NCR18650GA
Rated voltage: 3.6V
Standard capacity: 3500mAh
Charging voltage: 4.2V
Discharge cutoff voltage: 2.5V
Resistance: 20 milliohms or so
Sanyo Suzhou factory manufacturing
Maximum discharge continuous current: 10A

Apparently all companies want to move battery making from japan to China so soon we may all be using Chinese made cells.

Some Rip Curl watches are also manufactured in China. But of course still with high QC, just made in China to reduce the production cost.

Those batteries are also assembled in Poland, EU- the core however is imported
Poland ones are of a very good quality, i `ve bought several of those( CN assembly) from GB and they aitn that good like polish ones

Any chance you have extras? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, i order those on a random base but you could get them from nkon, i am pretty sure he supplies from EU too, especialy GAs

The issue here is the shipping……i am not sure if he would ship it to Aus, and even if they are shipped Australia implied lately nice huge scanners, i have several Aus and NZ hunting friends , i know
Tried to sent them some hand made knifes but they were rejected and returned…with all that liion isteria lately i aint sure about the shipping
Try it out m8, if the shipping charge is too big or he denies it i will send you some( at least i will try)

Weird they have relaxed the knife laws here lately we are finally aloud to have knives that you can open with one hand. What style knives did you send i have only ever had one knife stuff at customs and that was a 13 inch machete?

I will try the website thanks!

I’d be interested to see some comparison tests between this newer version and the existing version of the NCR18650GA. I’d like to think they are similar (both made by Panasonic, just different factories).

However, my faith in Panasonic is not high after seeing the comparison between the non-FDK/Chinese Panasonic Eneloop and the FDK/Japanese Panasonic Eneloop. Though in this case the “Eneloops in name only” and “real Eneloops” are manufactured by different companies.

I bought these NCR18650GA from AliExpress a few weeks ago:

The picture in the ad look like standard NCR18650GA.

this is what I received in the mail today:

I was expecting the Made in Japan standard NCR18650GA batteries. This feels like bait & switch.

What is the consensus on these Made in China version?

Are these Genuine Sanyo?

Are they equal or lesser than Made in Japan version?

I was told by my local retail store that these are now made in China.
I have total 3 of those. 2 made in Japan from Illumn. 1 made in China bought locally.
Out of curiosity I took the weight of those batteries.
Made in Japan 47.48g 47.41g
Made in China 46.96g

There is an eBay seller named “genuinecells” who sells a pair of them for $11.48 postpaid “2x GENUINE PANASONIC NCR18650B 3400mAh 3.7V Li-ion Rechargeable Battery - JAPAN” I bought a pair of them and did a test versus Ultrafire “4000” mAh and “5800” mAh batteries. The bike light ran 15 hours on the Panasonic batteries, 3+ hours on the “4000” and 2 hours 30 minutes on the “5800” battery. I weighed all three batteries. The Panasonic battery weighs 47 grams. The “4000” mAh battery weighs 35 grams and the “5800” battery weighs 27 grams. After the test, I ordered two more pairs of Panasonic batteries. I’ll still use Trustfire or Ultrafire batteries for non critical uses where a short run time is not an issue.

Seriously, what's the fuss with these NCR18650GA cells? Neither it nor the Samsung INR18650-35E (champion) or the LG INR18650 MJ1 are “3500mAh” cells, they're more like 3200 - 3300mAh effective minimum capacity cells. Their performance is barely above what more regular and economic cells like NCR18650B, LG MH1/F1L or even Samsung 32E do, while consumer obstinacy in “getting the best” tends to keep their prices at a premium.

Widen your search window is my advice lasses and lads.