[Nealsgadgets] MATEMINCO X6S groupbuy

I like it.

if your mail is denied by that cap-app:

send a email to Neal@m4dm4x.com

"please add me to the X6R groupbuy"

Which one gives the better beam, is the better choice? Shall I choose XP-L Hi oder shall I choose Nichia?

I’m tending more to choose XPL-Hi NW.

The X6S is too expensive for me to buy right now, but I think it looks absolutely fantastic with both the short and long tube. The X6 is my idea of the archetypal flashlight.

What firmware has it?
You wrote: Driver firmware based on biscoti.
The manual states Bistro UI.

And what is the difference?

Please see here on the top, Bistro and Biscotti interfaces: Flashlight User Interface Cheatsheets :+1:

it's Bistro UI

Maybe a silly question, but if you entered your email, do we get an announcenent when it is available and with which discount?


Interested if they do an army green.

yes (that's the main idea of a groupbuy)

Definetily interested!

This one is nice.

Come on guys, just 86 remaining for 25% off!

if you have Facebook :

Neal does a giveaway there....


filled the form

Tried submitting my e-mail at Neals website, it would not accept it? I sent him an e-mail instead. So I would be interested in 4 please. 2CW 2NW thanks.

I remember reading that Bistro (or the ATTiny85 MCU used) may have an issue when used with triple-LEDs (something about too high current causing a reset, meaning the flashlight will go to Moon mode if it can’t handle Turbo?)

I understand there’s already a fix for this mentioned several times elsewhere for this issue. But will this Mateminco X6S already include that fix/workaround to prevent the Turbo “too high current” issue with the stock Bistro firmware?


It’s supposed to be the X6S groupbuy, isn’t it? (not the X6R) :wink:

typo ;)

it's X6S

I was not able to fill out the form… and not sure if my email to Neal@m4dm4x.com went through.

Please add me to the X6R group buy.