Neat XP-G2 Sunwayman Lights for $33 + Shipping

These aren't the brightest but I kinda like them and the price is not bad ....for SWM. I would like to see these at a Chinese site soon might be cheaper.

DOINGOUTDOOR PM'd me that they will be carrying these next week.


I have a thing for single CR123 lights and angle lights.

Hi guys. R10R
Not amazing, but I think it is good price for a flashlight elegant, simple to use and with the new XP-G2.


I have the 2 X AA light in this series and it is a nicely made light for the price.

+1 :steve:


Need one immediately. Like there is no tomorrow.

I can’t understand from the description, are these forward or reverse clicky?

Also why would you say “it’s not the brightest”, I mean I know it’s definitely not the brightest, but isn’t it pretty good actually? 205 real lumens and 116m throw with one 14500 sound nice to me. My old Xtar WK26 (R3), which throws great, is rated at only 105m, not sure about the lumens.

DOINGOUTDOOR has then in stock , great job DO!

It’s only $27 on HKE after the discount.

Hi kreisler. I like the brand, the flashlight, the “XP-G2” and the price.
I bought it in “doingoutdoor”, and I will comment on receiving :wink:

beautiful! :love:

beautiful, beautiful, ……… ok…ok, this is not very beautiful :stuck_out_tongue:

Not bad. I would like the clip more towards the back end though.


That would be better.
Also I prefer an interface like the Fenix ​​E11, turn head to switch high low mode and on-off in the tail.

Although ( for me ) anything under 400 lumens is anti climactic… But I have issues… :bigsmile:

Every person is different. I hate reverse clickies, my only reverse clicky is the JetBeam ST Cycler, which I bought for biking purposes. For a bike reverse clicky is better. My favorite mode arrangement is on the Balder SE-1 - always starts on High, then cycle to Mid-Low, no memory, forward clicky.

XTAR X26 is 14500 only, 230 lumens, no clip.

But, they are discontinued - selling out fast.

Good to know, I will buy another one, great little light.

Anybody found a decent review of the SWM?

FT sells them for $24 now…