Nedd help in deciding on my first 18650's to my first flashlights (Sky Ray King + Jacob A60)

Complete newbie in this area (lights and batteries)

I have decided (at least as a start) to get one Sky Ray King and one Jacob A60 (already ordered that one).
To these lights I need some batteries.
I have to ask you to be as specific as possible since I know nothing (I mean nothing) about batteries.
I do not want the batteries to restrict the capacbilities of the lights.

- Can I use the same kind (brand, mAh etc) to both these lights?

- Can you suggest a good battery for these lights? Link would be preferred as well :slight_smile:

- Can you suggest where to buy them since I understand you can get copies not perfomrning nearly as well as the original.

- Can you suggest a charger to go with these battteries? Link would be preferred as well :slight_smile:

  • Anything else I need to know or understand.

Great forum by the way!!!


Of course the has to be some reason regarding the price.
The best one out there are probably really expensive and over the top for these lights.
Well, what do I know…… As I said I know nothing about batteries :frowning:

I know that Trustfire flames are quite highly regarded here for their budget price with quite solid quality and I own an Xtar wp2 charger which works very well and is also highly regarded here. Someone else can probably give some better and more specific advise but this is as good a place as any to start.

good luck and there are plenty of knowledgeable people here willing to lend a hand, it shouldn’t be too long before you are swamped with great suggestions on both batteries and chargers :smiley:

You can’t go wrong with the Xtar 18700 2600mah batteries. One of my favorite batteries.

The Trustfire flames 18650 2400mah batteries from Manafont are said to be good batteries.

The Xtar WP2 II charger is a good one for the money.

+1 (except that there are too many fake TFFs around these days..)

And for King you might want to have a good four bay charger like Nitecore Intellicharger i4 V2 (haven't used my XTAR WP2 II almost all since I got the i4.. ;)) There is also a group buy of that now:

Since you recommend the Xtar 18700 I assume you know for sure they will fit into a King and the Jacob A60?
Again, I do not know anything about batteries but I read they are bigger than the 18650. I take it the *650 and*700 are some measurement.

True. 18650 means 18mm diameter x 65mm length, however protected 18650s are always longer than 65mm and XTAR is just honest indicating that their cells are about 70mm long. :)

Those XTAR cells (just like some other protected cells) don't fit all lights, but they will fit your King.

“Those XTAR cells (just like some other protected cells) don’t fit all lights, but they will fit your King.”

What about the Jacob A60. Anyone knows?

Can you recommend a siter that has the Xtar 18700?
Can find it at Ebay, but only on one of the sites I know of since before……

Look for protected 18650’s.

They are almost 70mm long because of the protection circuit … Mine are about half a millimetre less than the 70 mm of the 18700’s … You will find that most of the protected 18650’s are a lot nearer to 18700 than to 18650.