Need 12v LED recommendation

For my Dillon Reloading Machines i have a small Sebson 12v 1,25A LED Power supply hiding inside the Case-feeder connected to the feeder power cord, powering a LED from Ali which is used normaly for a car.

It worked very well, plug in the Dillon and light is on.

But i want to get rid off the ugly 3D printed housing…

I plan to make an Aluminium Pill on my lathe which can take an LED on an 16mm PCB,

The goal is, no change to the power supply and no additional electronics, power on -> light, power off -> no light…:slight_smile:

I estimate the car bulb around 100 lumen which is enough, any recomendation for an LED that work with 12v/1A?


Basically any hi power 12v led should work. But you need to discover if the power supply is constant voltage or constant current. For constant voltage you will need a resistor to bleed the excess voltage. GT-FC40 seems to be a good option but you will need a good heat sink for 12w. The only problem is that it would be over 1000lm at that power.

Power Supply reads
Secondary 12VDC, max 1,25A, max 15w
So it is constant voltage.

Well, thats of course way to much lumen for this small working area.

I have looked for some 6v or better 3v Powersupply to increase LED range, but found only power socket devices…:frowning:

You shouldn’t have to buy a car light on Ali Express but use one of the many replacement lights available from your local auto parts stores in Germany. I assume they are as ubiquitous as here in the USA. Here is a 12V 10mm LED that should do the job. I bought a couple dozen of these recently for use in Christmas and Halloween displays to replace the incandescent bulbs that are used in older displays. The bulb is sold here on eBay with the following description “12V DC Car White LED T10 194 168 SMD W5W Auto Wedge Side light Bulb Lamp”. I paid US$2.50 for a package of 10. You can unbend the wires at the plastic base of the bulb and you have a 10mm bulb that operates on 12V without any additional resistor. You should be able to buy a single bulb at the auto store.
The two bulbs on the far left are the white emitting 10mm LEDs. I removed the base on the one bulb.

Thanks for this hint, i will test some Eagle Eye LED bulbs. They look much smaller than the multi LED PCB i use at the moment.

Found an very interessting LED Bulb

18mm Aluminum housing with threading, so it will be easy to make an Adapter for the Dillon XL650 Toolhead.

I think the frosted/clear optic will make an nice work space light.

A rainy Sunday, its Lathe time….:slight_smile:

The first Light is finished, dismissed the original black holder and made a complete new, reusing only the optics and the LED

Looks way better than the 3d printet plastic and works great….