Need a big head with Deeeeep reflector. Any ideas?

Hey guys,

I want to build an old school incan light. I’m gonna make a 64623 or something but I dont want just any old reflector.

I’d like to find a big head that I can put on a body of choice, that comes with as deep of a reflector as possible. Years ago I had one of these

I love the look, and it was a super thrower with a metal reflector, but $100 for the head only will put a strain on the budget for this light.

Any suggestions are helpful.

The SST-50 with the really big head might work. I have one with an XM-L2 in it that really throws. I think they can be had for about $65

I just bought one of these. for $44 on e-bay. Any idea what kind of throw I should expect? Probably 400 lumens? Anything I can do to zip it up? Who knows it might even work for you as a host even at $78.

This is the SST-50 I modded. The three 18650 size would work good for incan I would think.

Fivemega’s ‘FM-3’ line of Mag heads were sweet. It’s really too bad he stopped selling them.

Using an incandescent bulb in an LED reflector is iffy at best. LED reflectors are optimized so the focal point is at or at least very near the bottom lip. Putting a bulb there wastes a ton of light out the back of the reflector hole (e.g. a Mini MagLED reflector over a regular incand Mini Mag bulb).

The Home Depot defiant 3c super thrower might be worth a shot. Comes with a plastic reflector though which I assume your going to change. I think Old Lumens did mod one with a deep aluminum reflector. Maybe not, couldn’t find one.
Lots of threads on the light. Garry started it all here.

Another modded for the head.

The reflector in the 3C is aluminium, its the lens that is plastic which is what I think you meant.

The defiant 3c super thrower has a plastic reflector and plastic lens. At least mine does any way.
I must say it’s a thick plastic reflector, seems high quality if such a thing exist for a plastic reflector. :wink:

I would think that for modding you wouldn’t want plastic at least not if you have to enlarge the hole. It would get the paint or whatever they call it flaking off and they do that enough as it is.

I have built several D maglites with plastic reflectors that work great. Especially the rebel reflector. Nothing wrong with a quality plastic reflector, its just aluminum would be better.
The OP has suggested his looking for a hot wire host with a big head. These build a lot of heat at the bulb. So a aluminum reflector is a must for him.
From post #3

Anyone has any idea on “HID Halogen”?

+1 Using led reflectors with incan bulbs will not work well, when focussed well, half of the light is lost under the reflector.

This 3”head is from a $20 Tractor Supply light. It is re-threadable (is that even a word) to fit on a mag. not sure if it’s deep enough for you but it will the the dx sst-90 reflector, not that you want to use that but just for a size referance.

GTamazing, can you please share more info about the bezel, Brand? Model? Web link if available? more pics? I’m interested in the idea of putting the SST90 reflector in it!

Old Lumens did a build here. I merely copied his idea, with the exception of rethreading the head on a lathe.

how about this one from DX?