Need a cheap emergency light and batteries.

Just trying to help… DC to AC converter to charge batteries…–1&keyword=DC+to+AC+converter&storeId=10051#specifications

How much would it cost to get the whole street fixed? If it's reasonable I'll chip in some more money, for whatever reason I really feel for these people.

I’m not sure but they won’t to pay it even if they had the money I think, they want to write/call the authorities and report the electricity company for their practices but I doubt any action will be taken.

@rickr thanks but they don’t own a car.

Not very happy with FastTech, I just read the order was dispatched but they stuffed it up.

In my order history it has the correct name and address it was going to, but in the confirmation email FastTech addressed it to my name but their delivery address. As it will be delivered to their work I not sure they will get it because it is addressed to someone else.

I’ll tell them to tell their boss and see if there is any way they can get it or maybe can email him myself, I’m not sure.

I already sent a mail to FastTech asking why they did that and asked if they can do anything to fix their mistake.

The exact same thing happened to me. Darkside and I made a bet and he was ordering something and having it sent to me but it got sent to Darkside's name and my address.

I asked if they can still receive the package if it has my name on it and they said no, the post man gives it to them individually and wont give them something with someone else’s name on it.

No reply from FastTech yet either.

My mother gave me $50 and I sent it to them today and me and my girlfriend will give them some money too.

But I don’t know how they can get the light now, maybe some I can email some document they can print for the post man? I have no idea.

Ezarc, I would talk to Fasttech. My experience with them has been great, I'd guess they would be willing to resend the package. Because if it doesn't get delivered to them it will get returned to seller. (Fasttech)

I got a reply from FastTech, they assured me that it had the correct name on the label and that it is a software issue that automatically puts the buyers name on the first line when the email is sent.

Glad that was cleared up.

Good to hear that it seems ok.