Taken from Kreisler thread on lumintop worm :slight_smile:

Need something a bit like this. Any clues where I can grab one? Any ebay linkies…I dont even know how to call it!!

Isn't that a "lobster claw" style?

Here's a slightly different design I found at I-O-S, though without the chain.


Shiningbeam has it.

Good one rojos. I searched Ebay, but could only find the claw itself.


I have both of the styles above…the one that Gary shows is more substantial and I’d say a bit heavier-duty, but I much prefer the Shiningbeam model…much more user friendly, affordable and well made.

Damn you guys are simply awesome :smiley: Feels like family here!

Not sure if that price is for 1 or 2

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That's why I like it here! I'm not electronics expert (or in a lot of areas), but I do try to "give back" on these sorts of posts when I can.


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Reviving this thread…

Just got my tanke09 and it needs a lobster claw for EDC duty/keychain carry….
The shining beam one is nice but with shipping its cost is prohibitive…

Need one a bit like it from Ebay or DD.

Nice but 10 pieces is just too much….

i would look thru your household, garage, old stuffz, etc.

no need to spend money on such little things. btw, the original E09 keyring system is of low build quality (of course, it is! lol. cheap stuffz).

you could try to contact DD chat anyway ;) (refer to Kreisler or Summer if otta_ gives you a hard time)

You’re probably right. Im dumb….I’ll build something and post pic :slight_smile:


I have a couple of these that came with my ITP A3 and also Illumina Ti.

Then, I bought a couple from, but Bryan said he doesn’t carry these anymore. I’ve been looking for them on-and-off, but haven’t ever found it anywhere else, so does anyone know where I can buy these (as shown here:

The lobster claw clasp + the chain.

FYI, seen the comments above, and understood, but I’m looking for this specific item.