need a new thrower

I have a modded zyt13 with a four amp xpg2 dedomed.

Need a new host that I can get more lux out of.


Maybe a larger reflector?

How about this.
Check this out

Eagle eye X6 is a great all around light but it doesn’t come close to a T08, mine does 13kCd, my ZY-T08’s about 130kCd…

Check this comparison.

ZY-T08 with batteries in series + HX-1175B = epic regulated thrower.

Or COUROI. Im not super impressed with it though.

Or step all the way up to TK61, mod it for about 8A output and your desire for another single emitter thrower will probably be gone for a long time.

Your face needs a Maxtoch SN6X-2X, a glass of gasoline and one smd r120 to smile again :wink:

I’ll second the Courui big head for a cheap mega thrower, like RacR86 says not the best quality, one guy here even had the threads lock together and have to cut the light apart to get the batteries / parts out but barring that happening it will do what you want (throw light far from a single emitter) and a huge plus for it is its got a side electronic switch so there’s no concerns of the switch not being able to handle the amp’s (since the power doesnt travel threw the switch, the momentary switch sends a signal to turn on, not cuts power).

Also dont forget the FF STL-V6 for $38 @ Fasttech which can do upwards of 150k (a olight M3X clone) or the uniquefire UF-X6F (BIG light, <$30 @ wallbuys). Then you have your milti emitter lights like the TK70 Li-ion clone the MarsFire 318 ($85 @ FT) that can do <250k and if lux is all your after, not total lumens or spill beam have a look at the always popular zoomie the UF-T20 (~$20-25) or the Jacob A60 ($11, not a zoomie but still a pencil beam) either of which will do >200k in a pockatable light off a single 18650.

Second the MaxToch…esp. if you are wanting to step up in quality w/o punishing your bank account.

That was a good one. :smiley:

HD2010 or Jacobs A60. Got my HD2010 modded to 3A, and dedomed (amongst other mods) and I get 200-210kcd out of it.

The Courui is next on my list just because it has such a huge reflector and that’s the key ingredient to getting throw

What emitter in your 2010 to get 200+? XP-G2? The HD2010’s reflector is the same as the ZY-T08 so I guess he could just swap his SmallSun to whatever setup your using and not need a new light at all.

I almost bought a couru but in the end I jumped on an ebay OBO for close out on olight SR51’s (still have it for around $45-48 from a US seller) and I definitely made the right decision, it may not throw quite as far (mine with a driver / emitter swap and 2P 18650 conversion does 1720Lm and 140kCd with great run time) but the overall package is just so much better than the couru its more than worth the loss. Fit and finish, wear resistance, threading, optically (the optics on it are perfect, things like flawless OP but still very throwy reflector, AR lens, the emitter focused perfectly in the reflector even with a noctigon swap), the couldn’t-be-better thermal pathway, good switch location that is easy to find blindly and good feedback with zero concern about water resistance. The ONLY ONE point I’ll give to the couru is the direct battery method instead of using a carrier HOWEVER it depends on how you look at it, if you want to use a series setup for an MT-G2 its kinda’ iffy on the couru, on the SR51 its no problem at all, thats how it is stock, you have to convert it to parallel (but thats simple with a set of oshpark boards)

OP if you can swing $45 for the host (even tho it comes as a complete ready to use light that a dedome alone would make >100kCd) the olight really is the way to go IMHO.

Tom E did the modding for me, here is what he did…

- UCL/p lens

- XM-L2 U2 1A de-domed on a 20mm Noctigon copper star

- Nanjg 2.8A, added 4 7135’s to bring it up to 4.2A

- 3 copper discs of 18 gauge, 5/8” diameter added for heat sinking to the pill

- brass ring added for mounting the driver, press fit in, dremel’ed the pill to fit

- both + and – springs wired with copper to redice resistance

  • Nyogel on threads, special pricey thermal conductive grease used on pill threads

His measured #: lumens: 1,149 at start, 1,125 at 30 secs, throw: 200 kcd (894 meters) Could go to 205-210kcd if measured at a further distance


to my build or to the ~$48 SR51’s?

make offer, he’ll accept $48 for sure, try 43 or 44”:\_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649

The big head courie is one of the few budget lights that will beat the one you already have by enough to make a big difference. It’s a nice sized light and comfortable to carry. But honestly I would say step up and get a TK61 you can pick one up for around $130 and the mods are easy to do. I am not into spending big bucks on lights but this one is worth every penny.

Just to toss in another favorite. This is the trustfire X7 This also has a huge reflector and already has a good 5amp driver and good heatsinking. It runs great with just the two 18650’s

This is what frustrates me. A linear progression in $$ results in an exponential progression in quality. Forever tossing up whether to spend “just that little bit more”. Soon you’re spending hundreds!

Couldnt agree more. I was looking at buying a super cheap C8 just because everyone says its a “must have” but I really didnt have the money to blow on it. So I figured 10-15 bucks wouldnt be bad. Long story short, I found myself emailing RMM asking when he is going to have more of the $50 XinTD’s in stock :slight_smile: It’s becoming an addiction…

I recomended you Send Nits B-650
Incredible thrower (zoom out) and incredible flooder (zoom in)

Made an offer, they did not accept and countered with $55. Not sure I really need it since I have the Supbeam k40 waiting on mods, but always wanted to try an olight out.

The Crelant collimator head will fit on the t13. I got over 200 kcd with a dedomed xre, stock driver pushing 1.8a. Just needed a spacer between the head and battery tube about 1/16-1/8" thick to properly focus the emitter (in my case at least). But, that is in white laser territory

Wow that sucks, I’m sorry, I know several of us got them in the $45 range from that exact seller… I’d say just put it on your watch list and see if they lower the price in the next week or two.

Sorry again. :frowning: Its really a great light.

It's not a big deal. Like I said, don't really need it since I got the k40.

But even at $55, looks like a good contender for a thrower build