Need a red light to clip on my shirt

Hey All,

I have been using the nitecore thumb in red mode clipped to my shirt when I am running. It seemed to be a perfect light for that… lightweight, good clip, long battery life.

But it died in light rain, so I was hoping to find something similar which is more water resistant…

Any suggestions?


I’m using the Armytek Zippy for running. Just white light unfortunately, but I think this makes no difference for safety.

Thats a cool light I’ve never seen before, thanks! Its got everything I need but the red…

If you need the red light just to been seen: may I suggest the Fenix CL05 LipLight.

It is discontinued, but some stores do still have a few for sale. At least in EU.
Not afraid of a bit of rain. It’s 2m submersible.

Sofirn C01R

RovyVon has some lights that have constant red and blinking red leds.
The A8U and the A5R are some of those models, but they have others.

I compared their intensity here:

A5R (left) >>> A8U (right)

They also have the A28W, a bigger light, with bigger battery and more runtime:

I don’t think i can offer a sound advice since i’m not running, but maybe you should check biking lights. I see bikes passing by with a flashing red light clipped at the back or on the rider backpack for instance. There may even be similar running lights that recharge when running?

How about something like that:

Or that:

Thanks for the recommendations.