Need a Warm USB Light for Keyboard

Hi. I often use my laptop in the dark. The keys do not light up. I often perch my Sofirn C01 to illuminate the keys. It works but it isn’t ideal.

With all the advances in flashlights, I imagine there is a comparable product to meet my needs. So where can I find a really nice, warm, gentle light that can be pointed at my keyboard and powered by USB?

Would a book light be suitable?

They're powered by USB.

I picked out this book light for my mom in January 2020:

It has cool white, neutral white, and warm white.

It also has a bunch of brightness levels.

My mom likes it, and it was the nicest book light I could find for her.

Very good light. Can be found warm and cheaper time to time.

I have one Mi LED USB Light Lamp Enhanced Version. It is warm, portable, adjustable, and flicker free.

PWM on lower modes?

i have one of USB lights that i bought from fasstech few years back. add that to a flexible cable and it will light up a keyboard pretty good i’m sure. just checked and they also have “tooth brush style lights” which essentially does the same.

Edit: pics added

Waaaay back, GB had those toofbrush lights for <1buk each. Those were the days…

Kinda nice, more NW than CW, but just always-on, no controls or anything.

Those little pc boards you just stick into a usb socket would come in WW or CW, always-on, on/off, or on/off with dimming, too. I ran a usb extension cable with one of those when I wanted to light up a small area for reading while the ’puter was going. Worked nicely.

I don't know.

I never notice PWM and I don't think my family does either.

It's actually very convenient (for us) to not notice PWM.

This looks like it’ll fit your needs. Unsure about CRI though and the mounting mechanism seems to be a bit wonky.

I also thought of this.

5 brightness levels, warm light, NoPWM on all levels.

Using a USB meter, I get these power usage for the Mi USB light Enhanced edition:

  • 5 brightness levels: (USB 5volt) 0.12A (0.60w) / 0.14A (0.70w) / 0.20A (1.0w) / 0.25A (1.27w) / 0.45A (2.23w)

So on max, it uses a bit lower than 0.5A (within USB 2.0 power spec)

Got a link to this on either Amazon or AliExpress?

I bought this based on your recommendation. So far, I like it. Thanks!

back in the days Lenovo laptops had an amber led on top of the screen pointed towards the keyboard, nowadays there are lighted keyboards for high end models.
i wonder why not add a led or two for the other budget models.

i modified one of these added a StarLED but i dont like the cold white so thinking of upgrading to 2 x 5730 warm white