Need advice on picking myself quality 3*AA to 8*AA sub 70$ thrower!

So, finally there are plenty of multiple AA lights to chose from that are bright, well priced and well built!

Which light should I pick?

I want it to be max bright, with longest runtime on highest possible mode(I know about turbo and its stepdown to high in most lights) and with some good low/low-low modes and runtimes!

So far its close match between EA8, D40A NW and XinTD X3.

Ive checked all the pros and cons of all of them and realise that none of them will be perfect as far as lumen-holic’ism&runtime’ism goes, you cant have it all in one light :D!

EA8 - lots of throw, the throwiest of them all, only downside - questionable heatsinking that might burn the light when used on high/turbo extensively and the fact that it has older, XM-L, not the newest XM-L2 which would make it eve brighter. And theres no tailcap lock-out feature on this one due to its design, so it might drain the batteries when not in use and its 8 batteries, lots of charging ahead!
D40A NW - Sunwayman is known for high quality lights and this one looks to be no exception and it comes in neutraul white, which Im eager to try, besides cheap incans, I dont have any lights with warm/neutral tint, I think I might fall in love with WW/NW!
I also own R20A that I got for cheap from DD and love it, build quality is great, desing is slightly different, yet functional and I love their modes, especially police strobe 8) ! Im not a fan of its mode changing sequence/mechanism tho.

X3 - cheapest of the bunch, still no reviews around, people seem to love theirs, at least those, who received perfect lights without any quality issues! And Im not sure whether its going to be THAT good with NiMh’s?

EA4 clones - cheaper than the real thing, some speculations about at least one of them being Nitecores factory overstock/seconds sold as unbranded cheapies! Below 30$ for one and below 35$ for the other model with BLF coupon code. But since nobody owns them, there is no hard data and reviews are not available, so its still a wild guess what those lights really are like and whether they are worth their price or not.

All of them can be had around 40$-60$ shipped so Im wondering, should I wait till autumn in hope of even bigger discounts on these lights or, perhaps, better models coming out(perhaps D80A, if such thing is in plans?) or should I pull the trigger now and simply get myself super quality AA based thrower :D?

Another question, I have couple of cheapo C8 lights, both are running at slightly below 1A at the tail cap, how much brighter or dimmer the throw will be on high and turbo in those multi-AA based lights Ive mentioned? Even approximate estimates from those who have C8 and multi-AA throwers would be great!

Are there any other, sub 70$ AA based lights that are worth to consider?

My finger is itching, please help me :D!

i think you should chose XinTD X3 because it can use 3 x AA,18650 and 26650 battery + Qlite 4 modes and selectable tint,too bad it doesn’t have side switch though
EA8 is kinda bit long isn’t?in fact there is a problem with EA4 boot switch and it seems EA8 share the same material as it so maybe it won’t last long.
D40A from sunwayman isn’t that bad but those shiny switch cap kinda fragile don’ you think?

that just my opinion since i don’t have any of it except EA4

This time size is not an issue, it doesnt have to be pocketable, no big deal :)!

sorry about that :stuck_out_tongue:
i personally chose X3 if it has side switch instead tailcap switch :smiley:
i wonder if hank will consider about upgrading X3 body to have side switch,if that happen i’m sold :stuck_out_tongue:

I added little additional info regarding EA4 clones.

I got the x3 and the ea4w, both are different animals all together. I have not actually done lux measurements on the x3 yet, but I think it will be more than the ea4w.

think I will actually take readings of it tonight

the one from FT?i think that was EA4 body and get rebranded.
at tailcap you still can see sysmax :bigsmile:

I was on the fence like you three weeks ago with the three exact same lights , I finally settle on the D40A, since ive head nitecore QC sucks, I emailed mr hank about the x3 problems that others had, but never get a respond from him so I got the D40a because I’ve only heard good things about it, ordered from doingoutdoor on july 31st and gonna receive tomorrow.

If you want NiMHs, then I would take the EA8. Very bright and longer run time.

Allrights, so its between D40A NW and EA8 and… X3 :stuck_out_tongue: !

Honestly, I wouldnt mind getting them all!

And I intend to do so, one by one, step by step, yet I have to start somewhere 8) !

Will wait for finalised X3 reviews and then make my decision!