Need advise, Do you think I need to upgrade?

Every year I go on a one week beach vacation and bring my brightest and thrower light. Last time I brought a Fenix LD40, Solarforce L2 w/ KD 5-mode Cree XM-L P60 drop-in and Kaidomain RQ w/ Q5. The light I used the most is the LD40 due to throw, good balance between hot spot and spill. The two lights are useless (L2 too floody without throw and RQ laser tight beam without usable spill).

Now I'm looking for a light with similar beam profile as the LD40 but brighter and throws longer.

I recently moded my kaidomain RQ with the driver and emitter of my KD 5-mode Cree XM-L P60 drop-in. The driver I believe draws 2.5 A on high.

1.Does anyone have idea how much lumens it produce?

2.How much throw?

3.Would the Trustfire X9 a lot brighter and throws better than this?

4.Or should I just upgrade my Solarforce skyline 1 with a new driver and Xm-l but how and with what parts?

Things are getting complicated everyday.

Thanks in advance.

Here's the comparison beamshot RQ xm-l right, LD40 left