Need an Updated Everyday Light to Replace my Convoy M1...

Hey all.

My everyday light that I usually pick up is a Convoy M1. It’s a nice light and I like it, but I think I might like something better.
The thing I don’t like on this one is the tint of the light that this one produces. It is more of a yellowish shade than really nice and white.

I like the size of this M1. I also like the suzecabd shape of the other Convoys that I bought which I THINK were S2 or S3 models. They look like a straight tube with no “bell” shape to house the LED and the reflector. I know that it won’t throw very far though.

So I’ll leave it to you guys who are the experts to give me some ideas on what would be a good replacement for this one as a new everyday light.

Thank you for your help.

If you like the Convoy S Series, check out the BLF A6.

That's my EDC.

EDIT: Some more info here.

Eagle eye x6

Replace the emitter by a cooler white.
Lots of folks swap the other way around so it should be very cheap to ask somebody to mail you one :wink:

+1 on the Eagle Eye X6 though

You need that “bell shaped head” for a bigger reflector for that gives you throw. And the X6 is smaller then a Convoy C8 with aboit the same throw.

More info on your use case(s) would be helpful. My edc is an s2+ triple. BAH, compact, good UI. Far floodier than my M1, but that's better for my typical purposes. How you use the tool naturally must influence your choice.

The S2 or S2+ are good all-around compact lights. If you get them with the domeless XPL HI you will probably not lose too much throw compared to your M2 (which probably has a with-dome XML2). You can choose the LED tint in the links below.

You could just get another M1 with Biscotti, running a 1A or 5B tinted LED, if you like the form factor and amount of throw.

If you know how to use a soldering iron, I would highly recommend just swapping out the LED. I’ve done it several times and it’s not that hard. All you will need to do is remove the bezel to get access to the LED. You can choose the tint and the CRI with what you really want, which may not even be available in a new flashlight. Plus it will be cheaper than buying a new flashlight. And if you want even more throw, you could put in an XP-L HI LED.

But if you’re not keen on modding your flashlight, you may want to also consider the JAXMAN E2L. Not much of a thrower, but a good quality triple EDC flashlight.

Thread revival…
I have been getting M1’s for friends and coworkers… But I think an S2+ with XPL… wouldnt that pack a punch… Quote floody?

Though I guess I’d have to de-dome it myself…?