need blue light to make nerf darts glow

my family just bought alot of nerf guns. we have plaid out at night and we find it a pain to find them. so i want i guess something with a blue light thyat’ll make the orange on them glow when i go across them. anyone know of anything. budget is 10-15$


Plus at night...hit it with a decent lumen Cree for a second or you have tracer nerf darts

yea see that’d get expensive. after the battles which take place over 3 different yards in series theres 350 darts lying around. thats why i want a light to make the orange dart tips glow when the light hits them

Ah you need reflective tape then

How big are these darts ? i seen these LED finger lights sold localy at a dollar store for $ 1 dollar for four of them:
if your darts are those big foam ones, these may fit inside them.

well mine all have florescent orange spray paint on them but i need a strong light with i guess a blue emitter so when i’m looking for them they’ll glow or the orange will light up among brush or bushes and such. the tracer round idea isnt bad but im the “assassin” or sniper so i cant give off position. lol i need a blacklight with reach i guess

This cheap little 400nm flashlight is only $10,83 and using a 16340 battery (not a primary cr123) it puts out quite an impressive amount of light, considering size and price (I have one). My guess is that in the dark you can spot fluorescent paint from 50+ meters:

Nice…then I guess a little UV paint…and VIOLA…super glowy nerf darts!

that orange fluorescent paint that is already on the darts will glow up like anything under 400nm light.

Wow, I just checked some of the elite darts with my coloured mce.
On blue they are glowing like hell.

Thanks for the advice I will try this next time…

yea see thats what i want. but i painted my whole darts the color of the heads so they should really shine

What if you just dedome and de-phospher one of your existing lights? I think most white LEDs lights have royal blue emitters underneath. Not sure about that though. Come to think about, the members on this forum are probably sitting on a big stash of dedomed, de-phospored emitters.

I don't, all my dedomes worked perfectly

UV P60 drop ins are also available


If the Royal Blue works well, why risk the hazards of UV? Especially if kids might want to use it.

Great thread. Just got my two kids a couple of nerf guns for Christmas, now I really need to buy one!
Our youngest keep shooting me on the butt!

400nm is not that hazardous. It is easier than white light to look at for too long because your eyes are not very sensitive for it, but as soon as you take notice of that, it does not do too much harm. And more than royal blue your fluorescent dart stands out from the light you illuminate it with.

I have used both to look for Nerf darts, an old Cree UV emitter in a XR-E package (can’t remember the specs), and a XT-E emitter in royal blue. While the UV emitter might make the darts stand out a bit better, the royal blue XT-E puts out a TON more light, so I find it much more useful.

zach8935, with your budget of 10-15 $ you could perhaps build a P60-style drop in or a C2/C8-style pill with a cheap single mode driver. I can’t tell you where to get a (royal) blue LED for that budget though, since the shop where I got mine is in Germany, so shipping will be expensive. Maybe someone else can help?

There used to be drop ins on dealextreme in red, green and blue, but I never got one of those.

Also: Nerf battles are awesome! I love the smell of foam in the morning! :smiley:

I just spotted a blue xre p60 dropin on light castle for 8.5$
I ordered a blue xre for 2.5$ from them…

Is this the one you saw?
I would be suspcious of whatever info they supply for their listings, considering it clearly isn’t xp-e, maybe not even xr-e but some generic clone like the other available drop ins