Need budget flashlight for camping, hiking at night?


I already own two headlamps (a single emitter P7 and a T6), both bought from DealExtreme. I am looking for something more versatile, using 18650 batteries.

I am trying to choose between these budget flashlights:

1. Romisen RC-T6

2. SkyRay King

3. ?

Does anybody have any advice on which is better? I want the brightest light for my money. I like a balanced compromise between flood and throw. Heatsinking is important to me, as I hike for several hours and usually carry my headlamp in my bare hands.



my srk is great for brief use while camping (car) took it earlier this year for a trip along the gulf coast. on high, it would get too hot for long term use but the low is plenty bright for night hiking and the batteries should last for extended periods of time on low particularly if you used something like the keepower 3400mah that kumabear sells. we really need to know the type of camping ( car, backpacking, etc.) how long of a duration in days. primary uses.


Thanks for your prompt answer, Ken.

I find the output of my little T6 headlamp perfectly adequate for my hiking. However, now I’ve got the bug and I’m primarily looking for an awesome, show-off type light that I can carry at all times and use in a variety of situations.

My camping consists of driving a 4x4 into the mountains and camping out for a few days at a time. I have a protected 18650 charger that run off a car battery, so recharging shouldn’t be a problem.

My hiking can last 2-3 hours into the darkness. I hike solo on uninhabited mountains and moorland, so I don’t mind the extra weight in my backpack of a decent flashlight. After dusk, I would use my T6 headlamp and carry the high powered flashlight as my backup for emergency use. The trails I follow often become lost in the undergrowth or wide open spaces, so a combination of flood with a decent throw is appreciated. Sometimes I need to search the terrain for rocky outcrops, footbridges and other landmarks. It seems strange to keep the most powerful light as the backup but, if I end up in an emergency situation, I’ll be glad I did.

Basically, I want the brightest, most versatile light possible for my limited funds.

well, the srk is definitely in the wall of light show off class. I enjoy it for that. i am not so sure how waterproof it is but as a backup flooder when you need lots of light out front this will definitely provide it. there very well might be a 3xt6 light out there that would offer long run time and be more ergonomically suitable. i like my srk but, as someone mentioned, it is like holding a can of pepsi. :slight_smile:


I am partial to the Keygos M10. Easy to mod, bright, everybody here has one and likes it. Oh, and very inexpensive, well built, can use a 18650 or a 26650.\_sacat=0&\_from=R40&\_nkw=keygos%20m10&\_sop=1

This is a excellent little lite… Can be ran with two, or three 18650 batteries. I have the big lights, but they are heavy & cumbersome. This Light is 12 inches long with three batteries, 8 inches with two. They claim it’s 3800 lumens… More like 1300 but it’s still bright! I love the thing. :bigsmile:

Here’s a video I made….LOL I am not a professional.

Just ordered one…… I need to stop reading this forum, it cost toooooo much. :santa:

So what did your order? I own a M10 and the Tr 3T6, both are super torches…oh, and the 3T6 is very bright. A true flashoholic owns both, you know…along with this:\_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649

A 52mm drop-in, which everyone should own…buy it…says the little flasho-devil…

I ordered the M10, please do NOT tell me about anymore great deals :bigsmile: I’m going to the poor house with this hobby. Lord, I just started…. this is not going to go well with my beautiful wife, she likes it when I say that. Really, I always have an open ear for someone of your expertise.

Thanks in advance,

I picked up a NW Balder SE-2 from I-O a while ago.

I really like this light. It’s fairly compact but solid and very well made.

It has become one of my favourite lights in a vey short time. Almost small enough for EDC, powerful enough with enough throw for hiking, and good spill for lighting up a path.

The new version as an interesting mode system, you can have 3 mode no blinkies or switch to 5 mode with strobe and sos beacon.

It also has memory, if you leave it on low, it starts on low. All done with the tailswitch, no head tightening or loosening.

Momentary on too, but that cancels memory and reverts the light to high, ( or mode selection )so it works as a tactical with the protruding forward clicky switch

All in all, a very nice quality light for $35

My favorite is:

XinTD C8 V3 XM-L U3 :slight_smile:

maybe an uf-t20….you can change it from flood to zoom.

Don’t forget it can also be run off 4* AA batteries, and not suffer any lumen loss.

I just ordered that C8. Looking forward to getting it!

Great to hear this and welcome!

Please let us know: when you get it, who you ordered from, how long was the time till reception, the shipping method, why you bought a C8 and why you chose that specific dealer, how it compares to your other 18650’s if any, the charger you’re using, the throw pic’s and runtime/amps, etc., etc.

Also, most importantly, how your post relates to this thread “Need budget flashlight for camping, hiking at night?”

Again, welcome to BLF!

Thanks for the welcome. Ordered from Int’l Outdoors, did not know of any other dealer and heard good things about Hank, standard shipping, needed something for nite walks with my dogs in a dense brush, lightly wooded area with lots of wild animals(coyotes,raccoons, rabbits etc.) around. Hope the U3 option works well.


XinTD C8 is amazing. I am using it with my MTB nearly for 3 months without an issue (mostly on high sometimes medium).

Also it is a pleasure to deal with Hank at intl-Outdoor. Very honest seller!

Thanks!! I wasnt aware!!!

I’ve gone for the SkyRay King in black (with four 18650 batteries) from Deal Extreme. Placed the order today, $62.90 shipped.

Thank you for all your help and advice.

I will report back when I have received the light.

Meanwhile, if anyone can recommend some decent budget protected 18650 batteries from a reliable supplier that ships to the UK, please let me know.


Is the C8 better than the Ultrafire 502b?