Need Cheap Ebay Lube for flashlight from ebay

To lubricate threads etc.

Any vendor guys? Thanks!

Define CHEAP?


Mineral oil (eg baby oil) works fine.

For the threads any non-sticky oil (like baby oil) works. For the o-rings you could use any synthetic stuff like super lube.

It depends. Mineral oil will serve as a solvent for petroleum-based rings, but “synthetic” lubes of silicone will do the same for silicone rings.

It’s really not that big of a deal. At worst they’ll swell a bit and make the seal tighter.

I use silicone fluid. Specifically, silicone fluid formulated to fill the shock absorbers on hobby grade RC vehicles. It’s not very viscous, but it seems to do the job. Gotta love it when stuff left over from old hobbies is useful for new ones :wink:

Are you sure it doesn’t act like a petrol solvent? It’s basically synthetic motor oil (synthesized from petroleum) + mineral oil + PTFE.

LOOL. Owned by my own bullet. Self Destruction :smiley:

Hum baby oil….The johnson stuff??

Who are you replying to agenthex?

kreisler, who deleted his post.

Speaking of orings, the vast majority of my lights seem to have rubber ones, but I’ve definitely encountered a silicone one here and there (between the bezel and the lens for example).

Best lube all-around: Nyogel 760G. 3 oz is a lifetime supply for $12 including shipping, here:

But act quick!! He's selling out his stock soon.

I recently ran out of Nyogel as I had purchased a small amount some time ago.
I just purchased a tube from the link above. He might be down to 1 or 2 tubes left.

Sold out + us only postage :slight_smile: Any ebay links. Ill ebay search this nyogel at home :slight_smile:

check this out, might be worth looking into if in the US…

click me

You can always get the Nyogel 760G 2 oz. from for $15+shipping. That's where I bought it.

If you are looking for a small amount of grease. I found South Bend Super Reel Grease (fishing reel grease) at Kmart for less than $3. Its a 1/2 oz tube marked multi purpose lubricant with PTFE and on the back is SYNCO who makes SuperLube, so I suspect its same stuff.

Try rubbing a candle on the threads, this works great and you can also apply some dry graphite too. Doing both of these makes for a very long lasting and smooth thread action.

>>>>>>Sold out + us only postage Smile Any ebay links. Ill ebay search this nyogel at home Smile

I still have a couple tubes. I was saving some for myself, but now that I have actually started to use it, multiple tubes is WAY too much. One tube is enough for many years of normal use. PM me if you want a tube.


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