Need help appreciating my new UniqueFire AA-S1

Finally received my Wallbuys order which included an UniqueFire AA-S1 (3W OSRAM 4.2V 160 Lumen LED 1-mode Flashlight 1XAA/1X14500). It looks nice and seemed well made but I didn’t spend long looking at it - instead I went into the dark backyard for THE BIG TEST.

I fired it up alongside my Romisen RC-G2 III and was immediately disappointed in the AA-S1. I’d say the RC-G2 was twice as bright for both spill and throw. I swapped batteries and had the same output from the AA-S1. I’ve read reviews where others said the AA-S1 was bright but I’m not seeing it. I do not have 14500s and wanted this as a AA light.

I paid twice as much for the RC-G2 III as I did for the UF AA-S1 so I guess I’m getting what I paid for? Just wondering if there is some way to salvage my disappointment and try to make the best of the light. Right now I’m leaning strongly towards burying it in the graveyard that is my wife’s glovebox where it may never get used. :_(

It tailstands well and it has a fairly sturdy deep carry clip .

And if you swap the emmiter for a Nichia 219 ( as I did ) you will like it a little more .

I’ve had mine for about two years and still like it. Definitely an indoors light as it’s all flood. It clips nicely in your pocket, simple operation and very good build quality - mine has never even flicker. A 14500 will make it sing if you ever get one.

I liked mine best the day I sold it . a 14500 will make it almost twice as bright .i don't care for the body either osram emitter was green and that was the last straw