Need help finding a floody multi-AA with specific features

Sup guys, I’m trying to find a floody multi-AA light with very specific features. So far there are a few that are pretty much exactly what I want; the Fenix LD41/LD22, the Foursevens Quark 2AA, and the Eagletac D25A2. They are a little pricey and I wanted to see if I can get something cheaper that fits the bill (I’m a broke college student so I would prefer not to spend $80 if I can avoid it). My list of demands :stuck_out_tongue: are very specific, this is my ideal flashlight for every day use. Currently I am using a Mini Maglite Pro (2AA) and its a nice little light and I won’t knock it but I don’t care for the regulation Mag uses and I really don’t care for the adjustable beam either with its ugly rings and donut holes. Also please don’t tell me to get a Sipik Sk68, I know everyone on here loves them and I will get one some day but that is not what I’m looking for atm.

-Lower is better :wink:

-Not a big fan of zoomy unless its really well done
-Floody beam (flood>throw), basically a “wall of light” type light but a little throw is always a plus if it can be done
-Smooth beam
-A cool or neutral color

-Three modes

- High Mode 150-300 lm (not limited)

- Medium 30-100 lm

  • Low <10 lm or <30lm with a moonlight mode of <10
    -If there are more like strobe and sos that’s fine but not a requirement for me, and preferably hidden

-High must be at least one hour, closer to two on NiHMs would be a big plus

-Must be able to run off rechargable NiMH, not looking to use Li-ions
-Fully regulated on every mode

  • No PWM on any mode
    -No twisty what so ever, might consider one with it but it would have to perfect on everything else
    -Tail stand is a plus but I can live without it
    -Forward clicky or side clicky are preferred but I can live with reverse
    -Memory is a strong plus but I can live without it

Okay I think that’s everything, thanks for reading.

ShiningBeam Spark, and welcome to the forum.

Dang ChiX! I think you about nailed it! Oh, and welcome to BLF hazy!


Thanks for the welcomes guys. I was reading about the Spark last night and was really excited and ready to order it except I read it has PWM on the lower modes which I really want to avoid, if it wasn’t for the PWM the Spark would be ordered and on the way to my house!

If it does use PWM, then the frequency must be extremely high; I'm fairly sensitive to PWM, and it isn't apparent in my usage of the light.

Have you ever heard the high pitched whistle or buzz of electricity on lower settings? I heard it was audible in those lights.