need help finding a good led strip light controller

Hello everyone, I hope the new year is treating you well.

I need some help finding a led strip light controller that will reliably work with my Alexa echo dot. I had a no name brand I had gotten on amazon for a few years that finally quit on me a few months back. I looked on amazon but they don’t sell that anymore, so I bought another no name brand chinese one and hooked it up. This new one is really bad at being able to be controlled reliably with Alexa, keeps not being recognized so I have to reinstall it only for it to stop working again a day or two later…. :weary:

Is anyone using a controller that works for them, if so can you share what it is?


I have a manual controller next to my door.
Never fails. :wink:

Instead, try eBay. I can’t recommend a particular one I have used since I control lights with the old style 433mhz remote controllers instead of using a phone. Try using “WiFi Smart Phone Controller” There seems to be just a few types. Example $11 postpaid 4Pin Smart WiFi LED RGB Light Strip Music Phone Controller For Alexa Google Home | eBay or this one for $12 WiFi Smart RGB LED Strip Light Controller For Google Alexa Home Control 12-24V | eBay