Need help finding aa light

Looking for floody/ neutral l-m-h
80-100 lumen lung runtime
Tiny size
And ideas?

There are literally dozens, but a Thrunite T10 is always a good place to start.

Have one
Prefer a more floody beam

Check the information on the Jaxman E3 flashlight!

Lumintop Tool AA 2.0. Very bright (esp with a 14500 cell), tail clicky, floody, and very small for only $20.

Ultratac A1 is more floody than the Tool AA and has no mode memory. Med and High are a bit too close on 14500 but I think the light really shines on NiMh. Available in CW and NW. With the tool your stuck with CW unless you can find a Nichia version. The Ultratac is a deal at $16 and some change. I have a Nichia Tool AA and it’s great. Thankfully it has the Nichia in it, it’s only saving grace because of the mode memory.

DC Fix turns any light floody.


Thank you!