Need help finding quiet/silent USB powered PC type fan

I would like to find one of those PC power supply style cooling fans (or something like it) for cooling my battery charger. I won’t be cooling the batteries, instead just trying to get a little air flow through the charger itself by resting the charger on top of the fan.

Can I buy one of these fans already hooked up? I know it is pretty easy to splice on in to a USB cable. I mainly need a link to a good fan that is quiet.


What size fan are you looking for?

Arctic offers some pretty ok USB powered fan, some with clip, could be practical.

Just picturing something like between a 2”x2” to 4”x4” size. Preferably el-cheapie like from one of our china dealers for a couple bucks max.

Hum, I could have sent you a quiet 80mm fan, but I’m in Europe. I could also have helped you with expensive fans >)

I think you can find some pretty good fans from like the PC-Cooler F123 on Aliexpress, this is a decent brand, and they do a lot of products (and OEM for other companies). You can also check the Yate-loon range, inexpensive and pretty good for the price. If you have the opportunity to order at Newegg, in the past they had some.

Edit : I’ll check shipping rates in envelope and weight of my fan if you want. It’s a 1500rpm Lian-li, double ball bearing.

80mm fan at 5vdc is rather quiet, since it’s running a little below 1/2 speed the airflow is reduced and so is the noise

even quieter is a small blower if you can find one that will fit in the charger

Those PCI slot coolers are pretty quiet, even quieter at 5vdc—-p-85174.aspx
mounting it might be a trick though

But the most bang for your buck and size wise will be laptop cpu fans

+1 with the blowers, it will also be more suitable to blow on the charger. I’m using a 50mm fan under my Maha C9000, but it is far from silent (or when it is silent, it is far from blowing something).

Either get a notebook cooler like–1&isNodeId=1

or how about one of these?

Thanks for the offer Lithium but I’m Ok ordering one somewhere, or finding a coworker with an extra fan. I’m just trying to identify which is the best style to look for. Here is a similar size charger - I would likely sit the charger on top of the fan.

A 12v fan run at 5v will be much much quieter than a ready-made 5v USB fan running at 5v. Just get a plain simple 2-wire 80 or 92mm fan, and give it 5 volts.

I have a “support” for my Internet box made with an old 120mm fan, with 4 fan screws to raise it a bit, and connected to an usb port of the box. Virtually silent, on when the box is on, running like this for 2 or 3 years I think.