Need help finding replacement bulb for Wolf-Eyes Eagle 6v from 2005

I accidentally put 16340s in my old Eagle 2 with a 6v bulb (2x cr123a) and it burned out, it was an extremely high-CCT (around 3500-3600k) incandescent/xenon bulb with a “pill” proprietary to the focusable Eagle lights. Unfortunately Wolf-Eyes no longer exists, or at least doesn’t exist as the same company.

I’m hoping to find a new-old-stock replacement, but I am open to attempting to rebuild the pill with a new bulb, though it will almost definitely lose the extermely high cct that made it special.

According to some ancient CPF threads, it is around 60 lumens, but I might try and upgrade to a 80 or 100 lumen bulb, if it means making the light work because it is just such a nice host.

There is a small (16mm) pcb on the other side of the pill, with some solder to the edges and a spring, so I suspect it might be possible to non-destructively disassemble it and solder in a new bulb. Maybe sourced from Lumensfactory (if they can sell me individual bulbs without needing to tear apart a P60). I also contacted the australian Wolf-Eyes dealer, but this light is from before their store had even opened.

The bulb is dimensionally similar to a Lumensfactor A2-HO but slightly larger, with a longer filament and a weird lens on the top, reminiscent of old 5mm LEDs. It also was noticeably brighter than the HO-A2 in my Aviator. It is 5.5mm diameter, has an approximately 2.5mm long filament, and is very long.

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Damn 2005 was a different time lol

Have you tried asking the company that is now wolf eyes if they know anything about it?

It is still super high CCT for an incandescent, the widely known “max cct” for a xenon incan is 3300k.

Closest I’ve gotten is finding a dealer in australia, have not been able to track down what happened to the original Wolf-Eyes but it seems the original company went defunct.

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Oh sorry didn’t see where you said that

I’m on the search

Ya this is tricky. Anything in here fit? Flashlight Lamps & LEDs | B&H Photo Video
Probably not eh. A similar company that’s still around might know or have something. Streamlight maybe

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Sadly nothing there.

I don’t think any of the “high performance” flashlight companies have made anything incandescent in quite some time, it might be quite hard to find something that works without going to new-old-stock bulbs.