Need help, how to teardown xiaomi nextool 2000lm

I need to preplace the led for nextool 2000lm but i can’t teardown it. How i can teardown from ? Thanks !

If the parts done unscrew, they are probably glued.

Can you show me how to unscrew it ?

I cant show you but there is a ring that holds the glass against the reflector. With the light facing you as in pointing at you, screw counter clockwise. If you try this with all your strength and still nothing, try using plastic gloves for more grip.

If it still does not come off, its glued.

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Thanks you, let me try it.

I got the benzene ring and glass, how is the next step to get the led out?

This is not going to be easy. I will let soneone else answer but its going to be somewhat of an experiment your firsr time. Its not screwed in. Its more like soldered in.

Like I said, someone else who has done this before should be answering this.

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Any tip everone ?

Everyone help me :cry: