Need help removing pill of Roche F12

I want to unscrew the pill of a roche F12 but I have no idea how.

I can remove the bezel (with bare hands)

And it seems to me that the base plate sit on a part that is anodized so it’s part of the head.

But what I want to unscrew is here

So it seems there is an aluminium ring and a brass ring.
The brass ring make contact with the outer ring of the driver.
But there is no mark to use tweezer or needle nose plier.
So how they put it in the first place and how I can unscrew it.
If I twist the driver, I think that the base plate won’t follow.

The brass ring is press fitted, once you’ve pulled it out you’ll have slots for the needlenose pliers or circlip pliers to unscrew the pill out of the head backwards.

The F12 doesn’t have a pill. The head has a shelf machined into it for the MCPCB to sit on. See here:

StyXSIS is correct about the brass ring being press-fit. The press-fit ring holds the driver in place. The LED’s MCPCB is probably glued or epoxied in place.

Edit: So in terms of a suggestion? Here’s what I’d do, failing better advice from someone else: Reach in and desolder the leads on the MCPCB. Twist off the MCPCB w/ needlenose pliers or whatever tool seems most appropriate. Use the holes and a rod or two to force the drive and retaining ring out. Sounds like a recipe for disaster!

This is so much mod unfriendly…
I’ll think again but maybe I’ll give up.

Maybe you could pull on the retaining ring with a dental pick, or even a pair of dental picks.

What mods were you hoping to do?

I just modded an F12 with a three up. It’s a great host. Good heat sinking, and since the pill is integral, measurements don’t move around.

How did you handle the three up? Did you put a spacer in front of the optic or behind the MCPCB? Or maybe cut down the length of the host in front of the shelf, I hadn’t thought of that before!

I have the parts to build a triple but haven’t done it yet. I was thinking that I want the optic as far forward as possible with as little overlap on the edges as possible. Based on that I decided to use the Convoy S6. I have an empty S6 and an empty F12 here though…

I want to replace the driver with the fabulous DrJones custom driver. The original Nangj 105c with 2 group is nice and well spaced (not 70% and 100% that you hardly notice the difference) but I like DrJones lucidrv.
I’ll try to find something similar to a dental pick but I don’t think I have it right now.

Ahhh, yes, i forgot, i had the E smart version, That one has an aluminium screw in pill, but you still need to remove the pressfit ring to remove the driver on yours. To remove it, press on one side as you lift up on the opposite and it should pop out, but don’t lever it out putting pressure on the driver, you might break it or the components.

I built a copper heat sink for mine. You just need to fill the pill to the top of the recessed area. If you don’t want a glass lens in front of the optic add something the height of a Noctigon.

Roche F12 triple