Need help with firmware flashing

Hello guys, since my knowledge about firmware flashing isn’t so great, I need to ask for your help on this one. Is it possible to flash Crescendo firmware on stock BLF x6 driver (A17DD-L fet+1), yellow one from banggood. Does it need some modding regarding command lines etc, before flashing it on driver ? I have the required software and equipment, but very little knowledge and experience. I’d like to learn more, to start with something.

Sorry if it was discussed before, I might have missed it. Any info would be helpful.

Here is a start. There are many here that can help you get started. I have no experience flashing, but hope to one day. :smiley:




Thanks for your reply dude, I really appreciate it. Yeah I hear you, I’m sure you will come to it some day :student:
I’ve been doing some modding, delicate soldering, desoldering, reflowing etc, but never firmware flashing. I have some knowledge about it, but zero experience.

I’m wondering if I can just flash Crescendo25.hex file from toykeeper’s site. But there might be some tweaking required, depending on driver type and layout. I’ve also read in some older posts that attiny25 on this driver cannot be flashed for some reason, so it might need replacing.

Not sure about the flashability of your chip.

If it is flashable I think that hex file would work, but the voltage reading/monitoring might not be set up right for your driver. To get the voltage values accurate for a specific driver you generally have to modify some things in the source code and recompile the hex file. But, that hex file might be close enough.

If you are in the US mtnelectronics sells attiny25 with the option to have FWs preinstalled. But again the voltage readings would only be correct for a certain set of voltage divider resistors on the driver. I’m not sure but I think those resistor values are sort of standardized so you might be good.

I’m guessing the same, but I’m not sure.
I’m living in Europe, shipping would be too expensive.

I’ll do some more research. Hopefully someone else who had experience with it will give their opinion as well.

Thanks for reply

If you haven’t seen this already this thread talks about the flashability of the x6 driver.

It looks like there was a change to the drivers at some point which made the MCU not flashable. The layout was also changed so you can tell if you have the old or new one from pictures posted in the thread.

Oh yes this is the thread I was looking for. I’ve seen it before, but I forgot some details. Thanks a lot for sharing it mate, it refreshed my memory.

I’ll check the driver layout and give it a try. If it’s unflashable, I’ll replace the microchip and it should work.