Need Help with Sunwayman G25C Flashlight

I recently acquired a Sunwayman G25C (Cree XM-L2 U2 1000lm with Dual Electronic Button and uses single 18650 or 2x123).

It ramps through Hi, Med, Low no problem BUT this thing should be puttin out @ 1000 lumens. I'm only seeing 2lumens low...10 lumen med, and @25 lumens high.

All ramps and modes function..strobe functions..but no HIGH OUTPUT whatsoever. Tried both types of batteries and I have bypassed switch but still no HIGH OUTPUT.

I'm suspecting the driver but haven't taken it apart yet.

Any input/suggestions welcome. Thanks

ETA: I know Sunwayman has a bad rap as of late, for putting out some products that don't measure up. But, I thought I'd try to save this one even if it means puttin in another driver. Would be my first rescue so to speak.

Bump one time...

I have seen that happen when something gets dropped accidentally, especially if a perpendicular daughter board is used. The result i usually broken solder joints.

I'm thinkin the same. Now to figure out how to remove the driver. I'd love to be able to fix it OR replace it somehow with a BLF A6 driver.

How it comes apart I do not know. Mine still works. LOL (Knocking on wood)

As for driver....I think..not certain though that the Mtn Momentary FET would work.

I got the glued in driver out. It's @22mm. Boiled the head in plastic bag. Unsoldered the led and it popped out. Simple enough plain ole driver. No broken solder joints anywhere. Just kapooffff I guess. Driver sits on its own shelf

This light has the dual electronic switch for On and Modes. So I guess any driver is compatible? (my first pairing-up)


Hhmm. I just ordered the last G25C I know of - from BG, US warehouse, 1 was left. Should get it by the weekend I think. Dunno why but always wanted one of these lights but my intention is to mod it up. Couldn't get a discount code so used BG points, paid $34 with shipping. Hoping no gotcha's with getting it open, or with an oddball driver/switch layout - I'll see.