Need high CRI diving light

I need your help to find a budget-priced high CRI floody scuba light. I need for underwater photos and videos. I usually dive in the clear read Sea where throw is not needed. Regarding size, I`m interested in both small- and large sized flashlights. As an example among my flashlights, Emisar D4 and Astrolux MF01 would be perfect if they could tolarate diving up to 40 meters. Could you please help me in recommending some flashlight that would meet my needs. Nichia 219B or 219C emitters would be great. Unfortunately, I`m not a DIY person so I rely on stock lights.

If you choose supe scubalamp lights all are more than 90 CRI, they are a bit expensive but they perform GREAT.

Wurkkos DL40

Wurkkos Dl40 isn’t good for video or photos. It has so much hot point, It will burn photos and videos images. There are specific video lights with cob led and lens for better performance.

Yes, sorry. Now I understand what these type of flashlights are for… Thankfully, Wurkkos also sell similar lights for much much cheaper :smiley:

Correct, but if you are a pro recorder or photographer the lens on the led makes better light on the objects, animals or similar. Later I’ll put a photo to explain this.

What emitter / temperature do you guys think work best for diving?


SST20 vs 219c (green-ish tint so prob not) vs LH351d vs 519a

4000k? 5000k?

Want good color but also not something that has issues if the water is particularly low-vis/mucky.