need new keychain light. recommendations?

My DQG AA seems to have broken. It won’t turn on anymore. So it’s time to look at new keychain lights. I’ve been away from BLF for a while, so I wonder if there are new keychain lights available that I don’t know about. I have the DQG AA, and before that the CQG S2 (gave that to spouse), and before that a generic 1xAA clicky, and before that a Fenix LD01 and L0D-CE.

I liked the specs on the XTAR WK21, but it might be a little too fat. I think I’d prefer a 1xAA/1x14500 light. I also own a DQG 18650, and if that had a keychain attachment, I’d try it on my keychain, but it only has a clip.

The DQG AA was close to perfect for me, until it broke. I want:

- small for the battery size. e.g. like the DQG AA.

- 1xAA and 1x14500 compatibility, or if it’s very small for the battery size, a 1x16340 or 1x18650 might be okay too.

- won’t accidentally turn on in pocket with keys

- SS preferable, since it’ll be banging around on a keychain, but Al is okay too

- at least 2 modes

- > 100 lm for sure

- one of the latest LEDs, like XM-L2, XP-G2, etc., but this isn’t a top priority

  • < $50, I hope. The Fenix L0D-CE and LD01 were good, but didn’t have great output or run-time and were too expensive.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

d25a ti

— L3 Illuminations L10 with the Nichia 219 emitter
— Thrunite Saber 1A

d25c Ti, 0.5 to 800lm, size of an aa battery

how i like chinese lumens quotes!!

Mini 01

I much like our Maratac copper CR123 light but don’t consider it a budget light. All I carry in day time are button lights. Inova red, Titanium Innovations white and a super cheap UV, all 2 x CR2016.

I love that image kreisler.

One from my small Photobucket.


For my keyring light I go small - LEDLenser K1L It might be underpowered for most of you but it’s to find tricky keyholes, not to light my path. I always carry a Nitecore MT2A as well. Both were bought before I discovered the flashaholic side of my nature but if a system works I’m not changing it.

It is as powerful as an HID, small as a keychain and all under 50 bucks. :Sp

Thanks guys for the suggestions. I like some of those lights.

I have a tank007 ES12…it’s stainless, takes a AAA-sized battery, twisty, and I have come to love having it on my keychain. Got it in a WB instakill for like, 12 bucks or so.

I know it’s not exactly what you’re lookin for, but I love it enough to mention it anyways <3