Need opinions: Which pajamas look best on my EDC light?

What pajamas should I put on my EDC light? :bigsmile:

The light in question is my modded Aleto N8 zoomie. I cut it down, installed a sideswitch, DrJones FET driver, and dedomed XML2. Even though it’s the same size as a Sipik 68, it runs on an 18650 and is much, much brighter. Here’s a link to my build thread: Modding the Aleto N8

With bare aluminum, it has one drawback: The fluted portion between the tailcap and the switchbutton is quite smooth and doesn’t provide much grip. To fix this, my light is wearing rubber pajamas taken from a cheap Nebo brand flashlight.

THE QUESTION: WHICH PAJAMAS LOOKS BEST? Note that I’m also considering trying my hand at Duracoating or Cerakoting this light.

Here are the choices:

  • Option 1: Leave the light as bare polished aluminum wearing the black pajamas with polka-dot pattern. The polka dot pattern provides for excellent grip and the color matches the black switch boot. The black and silver provide a nice contrasting look.
  • Option 2: Leave the light as bare polished aluminum wearing the white pajamas with polka-dot pattern. I could also try cutting down and using the white switchboot (visible at the left of the picture) so all the rubber on the flashlight matches in color. Cutting down the white switchboot may or may not work depending on how thick it is. The white doesn’t clash as much with the polished aluminum … and unlike the black it glows in the dark. Dust also blends in better on the white boot than the black one. The glow-stuff is of good quality. It’s strong enough that it was still visibly glowing to dark-adapted vision even after sitting in complete darkness for 5 hours. Good for finding it on the nightstand in the dark.
  • Option 3: Same as option 1, but wear the striped pajamas instead of the polka dot one. The striped one is the one visible on the light in the picture above. Grip is slightly worse than the polka dot shape, but still excellent … far better than any similar sized light without rubber pajamas. The ribbed pattern looks a bit slimmer.
  • Option 4: Same as any of the above options, but Cerakote or Duracoat the light some other color. Perhaps matte black or dark grey. I’ve never used the stuff before so not sure how well it will work.

UPDATE: May 15, 2014: Here’s the light wearing white pajamas:

Here’s the white pajamas with the glow stuff charged up after having a bright light shine on it:

I trimmed slightly too much rubber off the white button when fitting it. It works, but don’t know how long it will last.

If you keep it bare alum then white pajama with polka-dot pattern. :bigsmile:

Where can I buy flashlight pajamas?! Prefer it without a junky light already occupying said pajamas.

I got these pajamas on Ebay. Just do a search for “Nebo Flashlight” and scroll through until you find the ones with pajamas. They come in lots of colors.

Unfortunately, I haven’t found a source of flashlight jammies that don’t already come with a junky flashlight inside.

I am more of a Hello Kitty & Sponge Bob kinda PJ guy.

How about heatshrink tubing? There is even this kind with a grippy pattern:

I've seen them but never thought of using them as flashlight pajamas!

Perhaps because flashlight pajamas never crossed my mind. It is rather odd.

Thanks Chloe, I couldn’t remember where I saw those shrink sleeves.
Now… Yellow or black? Hmm…

striped! Ignore the others, striped is best! Polka dots are soooo last year!

That's such a gouda idea!

I hope toes aren’t chopped down French ticklers.

Plus you can throw magnets under the heat shrink which will also add a little more grip. Especially if you have hands like this.

for light pleasure

Original post updated with additional pictures of the light wearing the white pajamas! :crown:


I prefer my lights to be au natural (there is a joke in there somewhere), but if I were to pick a color it would be black. I like how they contrast.

um… I don’t know… but some of those pajamas look like D!ldo :bigsmile:

Good new use for an EDC… You never know when it comes in handy