Need quick advice on floody multiple AA.

A friend is asked me for a recommendation but I haven’t been up to date with lights for about a year or more.

He wants something multiple AA powered with a floody beam.

It will be used to look in tanks and silos at his work.

It just needs to be simple to use (no complexed UI as multiple people may need to use it).

I’m not sure what the budget is but if people could make a few recommendations under $50 and over $50 it would be appreciated.

I’ll be going there in 3 hours to give him some options so hopefully I’ll have a few replies by then.


will that do?

Thanks for the link, although its not what they are after.

I think they are after something 1000+ lumens, perhaps like the Nitecore EA81.

Or maybe a 4xAA

Hmm I’ll take a look ard

Hey how about the Nitecore ea4? Or ea41

Yeah, I’ll show him both of them.

HD2010 with MTG-2 led powered by AA batteries?

XinTD x3

simon also sells it too on his aliexpress site

Lumintop SD10?

Not quite 1000 lumens, but lots of battery configs and you can get either CW or NW.

SD10 is one of the world’s smallest, lightest and brightest 32650 searchlight. It is compatible with a wide range of batteries through intelligent control, and thus it has different outputs based on different battery types. It ensures not only enough brightness but also product stability and long runtime. With premium CREE XM-L2 T6 LED, its output reaches up to 800 lumens.


Product name: Lumintop SD10 CREE XM-L2 T6 800LM LED Flashlight
Brand: Lumintop
Model: SD10
Emitter Brand/Type: CREE
Emitter BIN: XM-L2 T6
Emitter color: Cool white,Netural white
Material: aluminum alloy
Mode: High/Middle/Low/Strobe
Battery Configurations: 3xAA/1x32650/1xD(excluded)
Working voltage: 0.9-4.5V
Switch Type: Clicky
Switch Location: Front side of the flashlight
Beam Range: 260m(1x32650)
Brightness: 800LM(1x32650)
Runtime: 7.5-280h(1x32650)
Reflector: Aluminum Smooth Reflector
Circuitry: Constant current circuit
Waterproof: IPX-8
Weight: 115g
Color: Black
Size: 120.3mm(Length) x 40mm(Dia.)

1. Coated tempered window resists impact.
2. Aerospace aluminum uni-body design combined with a stainless steel retaining ring offers superior impact resistance. Mil-Spec hard-anodized. O-ring Sealed.
3. Front side switch.
4. Superb heat release system provides excellent heat transport capacity.
5. Slip-resistant body design.
6. Lengthened lanyard hole with tail-standing design.
7.Battery reverse polarity function guards against improper battery installation.

1. OFF State:
Press and hold the front side switch for more than 0.5 seconds to turn on the light, while another press for 0.5 seconds will turn the light off.
2. ON State:
Click the front side switch to switch between 3 output modes: High, Medium and Low. Double click the switch to enter into Strobe mode, after another click, the light will go back to original brightness. It memorizes last brightness level when the light is turned off, while Strobe will not be memorized.

NOTE:Putting the SD10 battery carrier into the body reversely may cause a breakdown in the circuit.

Package included:
1 x Lumintop SD10 CREE XM-L2 T6 LED Flashlight
1 x Spare O-ring
1 x Strap
1 x Packaging

Thrunite TN4 hard to beat for the price and ease of picking one up. I've got one in NW, excellent light.

Thanks for the replies.

Just showed him some of the lights here, his budget is around $100 AUD ($70 USD).

He’s keen on the EA81 but will let me know tomorrow if his work will buy it for him or if they think its too much.

ask M4DM4X for a code… will help to get closer to budget

If I am not too late at this, Your friend may want to take a look at the Streamlight Propolymer 4AA model; there are two models, one with a single LED,and the other, with multiple. They both have a good reputation for light production, long run time, and are industrial rated. (I think)
The single LED is the thrower, and the multiple LED one is floody, so I hear. Rugged and inexpen$ive. (This is the Budget Light Forum, right? :slight_smile: He could buy about two of them for the price of another light.

That model used to come up a lot in the discussions, back when I used to lurk the CPF forums (circa 2009)!

Haven’t seen it mentioned lately. Has it been updated since then? :nerd_face:

Probably too late now but it seems most of the 4AA lights seem to feature more throw than flood.

If you like, I have some diffusing film (designed for office windows) which I've fitted to a couple of torches for use as bike lights. It's probably not DC-Fix quality but it seems to work OK. I don't have a proper way of testing for transmission losses.

I'd be happy to cut a bit off and post it to you if you want to try it.

Yep, that’s when I was on CPF a lot. I kinda doubt it’s changed…it wasn’t broke, so, Streamlight didn’t fix it! :slight_smile: I was about ready to buy one, then I got a deal on a $25 Jetbeam PA40, :bigsmile: and didn’t need it any more. Buuuut….maybe I could use just one more light! :8) Honest, I can quit whenever I want to!