Need recommendations for a long-throw hunting light

I’m new to the high-power flashlight world, and have been hunting alligator in Florida. I need a high-powered light that can throw long distances - a tightly focused beam would be ideal. Basically what I’m trying to replace is an old 2-million candelpower handheld spotlight, powered by a 12v marine battery.

I have:
ThruNite Archer 2A V3 great little portable light which I love because it runs on AA’s, of which I have a virtually unlimited supply
An old ’Mini Cree Adjustable zoom’ AA light loved the adjustable focus on this, but just not bright enough
Anker Bolder LC90 2 Cell nice and powerful, easy for me to recharge via USB (I’m a casual user and don’t have an Li-ion cells or chargers yet), good run time for a night out hunting, adjustable zoom so I can use it as a spot. This is my current go-to
Maglite LED 2 cell D good zoom, but just not very bright, bulky for the relatively small amount of power, and D cells are not convenient

Things that are important to me:
Long range my Anker LC90 is my furthest-reaching light at the moment thanks to it’s 900 lumens and adjustable zoom. I’ve read about lights reaching out past 1000m, and this would be helpful.
Power source I’m literally willing to entertain any power options, ranging from disposable alkalines, to rechargable Li-ion cells, or even something that can run off a 12v marine battery. Battery life does matter - I’d like at least 2 hours of runtime before having to replace cells. USB charging, although apparently unpopular on here, would be extremely convenient for me.
Budget I’m very flexible for the right light, but don’t want to spend much more than $100. Bear in mind I don’t have any cells or a charger, so those would eat into my budget.
Size I don’t mind a big heavy cumbersome light. Something shaped like a classical spotlight would be ok, but something like my Maglite would be a little more convenient.
Adjustable zoom like I said, further is better, but it would be nice to be able to use it as a flood too. Realistically I have multiple lights nearby on the boat, so I can just grab another one when I need flood.

Options I have explored:
BLF GT - looks like nothing compares, but at ~$300, it’s hard for me to justify the cost
Astrolux MF02S or MF02 - really bright, really far throw from what I can tell. A little expensive, but potentially worth it?
C8 - appears to be multiple manufacturers, appears to be fixed-zoom with good power.
Any of the Convoy options - L2 is advertised as having good throw, the L6 is even brighter, and the prices are reasonable
Emisar series - from what I can tell, a lot are sold out or unavailable, and seem to be more of flood lights than tightly focused spots
MTN-1504 - appears to be quite powerful, have good throw, and the price is reasonable. Seems like the best option so far, but unfortunately the XP-L is out of stock at MTN, although there appear to be other manufacturers…

I appreciate any and all input. I’m having a hard time differentiating between my options and have about 2 weeks to get my hands on a light before I head out on the water again.

Quick question I’ve been wondering - I’ve seen some lights for sale with extended tubes to add a second cell, or shorter tubes to cut down on the length. Does a second cell simply get used for additional battery capacity, with the additional voltage not mattering because the voltage regulator regulates it down? The shorter tubes require equivalent diameter but shorter length cells I assume?

Welcome to the forum. I’d say get one. Do some searches on C8 thrower. There is much info on this site. I don’t hunt gators but my thrower is a Olight MX2ut or something like that. There are other plunger shaped lights that throw well.

Happy Hunting.

You’re in luck with the Convoy L2:

2x26650s(30:money_mouth_face:, the highest capacity available from a US seller:

Charger for them, very powerful:

Pick expedited shipping for the Convoy L2 on Banggood. It’s worth the 5 buck to pay to get it quickly.

It throws really far, quite a bit father than the C8 at 760m vs 500m, has a optional 2x26650 battery tube, and can easily run for 2-3 hours before having to replace the cells, and with 2x26650 cells and a good charger, it comes down under 90$US.

have a look at the mini gt from lumintop, its amazing thrower and size like c8 but throws double, not sure what size u want? otherwise the mf02 is great too and costs less then 100$ and gives u a very tight beam. Or u can just buy the l6 and the mini gt or a c8 or whatever.

Emissar D1S
Convoy L2
Thrunite TN32UT
Lumintop ODL20C

I have all of these lights and all are excellent. Light and comfort with great throw and Quality the Lumintop and the Emissar are tops and both outperform anything in their size and class of light. The Emissar is $40 from MTN Electronics. The lumintop is $56 with a code from Banggood. Both great bargains for serious performers.

I also highly recommend the KDLitker line. Their c8+ with XHP35 is a very high perming light for under $30. Right around 2,000 lumens and I think about 75,000 candlepower.

Get an aspheric thrower if you want beam with no spill.

Also add Thrunite Catapult V6 to your list.

I bought the convoy L6 thinking i would get some big throw. Turns out it’s not that true. For a small light the thrunite V6 catapult has outstanding throw. Better than any c8 I’ve come across. The convoy L2 is intresting and I’m tempted to buy it and hope it has more throw than the L6. The catapult out throws the L6 easy. It can be had on amazon for around $60 and comes with a battery and direct charge port so you wouldn’t need a charger. Apparently matchtoch has a couple high powered hunting lights. Thorfire sells one on amazon too that’s pretty cheap that can be had on amazon. I have a wicked lights predator zoomie that mounts on top of my scope that i got for $300 and i hate it! I would recommend a non atmospheric lense. I’ve mounted the V6 on my scope and had no problem at 200 yards. If you’re shooting farther than that is look into something bigger.

almost everyone will say convoy C8 xpl-hi v1A

this is because it is an absolutely amazing light for the price. you would be hard pressed to find a flashlight enthusiest who doesnt have atleast 1 c8. Its like the starting point for any collection.
gearbest has the best deals usually on c8s

the astrolux s2 and s3 (14500 and 18650) are awesome lights that are just a little bit pricier

If you want to move above single 18650 size, I like my Thorfire s70s and Convoy L6 but i will warn you, the weight gets old. I hunt at night also (not gators, but deer, frogs, and predators/varmits) and I usually hold my light up at eye level or more often over my head, and doing this with a heavy light (like your maglight) gets old fast.

My final piece of advice, if you arent willing/dont want to fork over the money for good battieries then you should buy a cheaper light. It may not matter with flea market specials lights but with these lights the batteries you use matter. You wouldnt go out and buy a Remington 700 Sendero with a Macmillon stock, mount a Leuopold vx-7 scope on it, and then run Russian surplus steel case ammo through it, would you? Thats the equivalent of sticking ghetto ultrafire 18650s in a good flashlight… Buy you some sony vtc5s or some panasonic NCR18650GAs
and get good charger.

Depends what you need. A bright light that’s an Überthrower will reach nice and far, but to get that bright, even mild spill will be overpowering up-close and probably ruin your night-vision enough to not be able to see what’s so far downrange.

A zoomie will get a nice tight hotspot, with near-zero spill, but when zoomed, light output is maybe a third of full-flood output. So a 1000lm light when on full-flood will be only 300lm or so when zoomed and projecting the Bat Signal™.

Even shooting through trees, all the woodwork a dozen yards out will be so overly bright and washed out that what’s way out in the hole will be completely dark.

That said, Maxtoch has the rep of being designed by hunters for hunters, so look into them.

The Convoy L2 is kinda the Queen of Throw of reflector lights. Can’t go wrong with one.

For a power-zoomie, dunno, but is it Brynite that makes one? For a compact light, an SK98 takes an 18650 cell, and you can stuff the area under the pill with copper-shot and solder, and/or filled JB Weld to help with thermal conductivity, to wick away heat from the LED to the case and outside world. Lotta ’98 clones are crap, but you can get a good one.

The HS-802 has a nice deep reflector to minimise spill, and actually comes with red- or green LEDs if you want to go a-killin’. White, too, if you want. :smiley:

I got a coupla these, and while they’re not lumen-monsters, they can throw colored light pretty far.

Try a Skylumen Delta with the Oslon emitter. I compared it side by side with the GT Mini and Emisar D1S, the Delta throws 2 to 3 times as far to my eyes. It’s a very fun focused beam and also has great run times. It’s the farther throwing light for its size range.

If you like the Thrunite Archer 2A v3, you can checkout the Armytek Partner A2 Pro. It is the brightest 2xAA flashlight on the market and is noticeably brighter and throws farther than the Archer 2A v3. Also the warm white version is better a preserving your night vision.

Brinyte (B158) and Odepro (KL42) have zoomie flashlights that take 18650 batteries. As Lightbringer said, they are “power zoomies” that can reach hundreds of meters when zoomed.

At least the Odepro has an extended switch that you can at distance, so you don’t need to click on the tail button.

To use the “white light” module, I would suggest to change the driver and opt for one that has not strobe incorporated. I changed mine and it is more useful now.

There are several threads on the forum and videos on Youtube of these flashlights!

I hope it helps and…welcome to the forum :+1:

Upwards you got really nice suggestions. Still if you need 2 hours runtime on max, you will need big light to handle the heat well, so MF02 will be about the minimum. Alternative is Niwalker Vostro BK-Fa 30s, both rated 1.5 km and with coupon within your budget. L2 stock can also handle the heat, but it throws half of MF02. If you want to go zoomie, take Haikelite HT35, but it throws similar to Convoy L2 (specs were quite unrealistic). May be if you are able to mod it to dedome or change the emitter and bump the driver, it might fit the bill. Brinyte B168B with XPG2 and direct drive is also capable of 1 km throw with pencil beam in a compact package, but you will need spare batteries to cover these 2 hours. Stock Amutorch JM70 is also close to your requirements, way below budget.