Need some advises for another single primary AAA that has the highest lumen output w/...

Need some advises for another single primary AAA that has the highest lumen output w/ hi, mid & lo modes or just hi & fairly good output for close-up works w/ a twisty. I do like the Ultrafire UF-T1 that I’d picked up 5 mos ago; its size, weight & its hot spot / flood but just wanted some new excitement also. I’d spent a few hrs reading the most recent topics and found a few reputable ones so far: Balder TD-0 CREE XP-G2, Itp A3 Eos 96 Lumen - upgrade Version, Olight I3S EOS XP G2 & TANK007 E09 XP-E R3 but just don’t to know which one has the highest lumen output, since the manufacturers don’t seem to have the most accurate spec for lumen outputs. Let alone there might be other 1 x AAAs beside ones from above that I don’t know about since I’m still a newbie. Please let me know also if I’m not providing enough info for my needs.

Thanks in advance.

Edit: adding in MARATAC XPE-R3.

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Here are some beam shots Beamshot of AAA lights, Juli 2011

I went with the I3S because of the value/performance. Not sure if it will be any brighter than the UF-T1, but it does have more modes.

Thank you very much for that link to an one-stop wealth of info for my precise need along with your advise.

I have the old version of the i3(without s ) and indeed I would recommend this light because of the build quality. But it is not the brightest.
Tank007 e09 is brighter.
But here is somewhere a nice thread from Kreisler in which he compares the aaa lights…

I have nothing heard from the trustfire mini 03 which should use 10440 as well, but theoretical it could be a good light.

Rechargeable batteries are a must have in the AAA category as alkaline aaa have about no energy when discharged with high current.

Yes one of the reasons I went with the I3S was because of the mid output run time. Idealy I’d like more than 20 lm, but it’s adequate and runs for 8 hours. There were several brighter single AAA flashlights I was intrested in, but they have a brighter a mid range and only run for 1.5-4 hours. Also I like having a very low mode. The brighter flashlights that have a low mode are around 1-10 lm. The i3s is .5 lm which I think is still a little too bright. Also keep in mind that the beam shots in the link I posted include the i3 and not the i3s. Not a big differance, but the I3S output is noticeably brighter.

I haven’t compared these two lights. But I CAN tell you one thing: the Tank 007 e09 does not produce its rated 120 lumens. Just comparing this light to others I have, I would place output at around 80 lumens.

Two things that put me off the Tank007 E09, it may be bright with eneloop cell but JackCY found the driver inefficient in his review. For a small size light this might be an issue, if you want both brightness and good run time. PWM and beam quality are worth mentioning too.

Thanks Werner, for the additional info / tips.

UPz is our Fenix sphere lumens master.

brightest is Balder (does this company still exist?? harhah)

second brightest is E09 or ES12, my favorite lights.. they are over 90 Fenix lumens (not "120" lol spec) on Enepoof.

i3s is less bright, UPz has measured 75 Fenix lumens and he'll publish the full review soon enough.

Balder/E09 graphs:

i3s review coming:

he's got also DQG IV AAA XP-G2 in transit, and received the (super meh) Trustfire Mini03.

i3s has greenish tint according to CPF and UPz. If tint concerns you, dont buy.

my vote goes to E09 (but somehow i have the feeling that this is nuttin new out my blablah mouth ggg)

I was thinking about getting the E09 because it’s fairly inexpensive until I saw comparison beam shots. Not a bad light, just not what I want.

I’ve been reading most of the kind review links from here for the Tank007 E09, besides its short runtime and gets heat up quickly on high with Eneloops which are okay with me ( I like its high output but will not have it on for long and always have 3 freshly charged XX Eneloops on the tray; this light is going to be used only inside of the house ). But the PWM ( thanks to Chloe mentioned it ) for the low gets the dislikes from the reviews which I have a concern with, is that means the light output going to be flickering when I’m working up-close with the low; detectable with the naked eyes and to a point that’s not tolerable?

Thanks in advance.

Left out one other question: Anyone knows if Fasttech or other dealers is selling the V3 version of the Tank007 E09; supposed to works with the longer protected 10440s?


Just wanted to thank everyone who contributed the info links and tips here; have just received the legendary Tank007 E09 in the mail that I had made a choice on for my needs, very happy with it. Especially thanks to the gentleman who advised to pay $.20 cents just to sped up the transit which only took 8 days all the way from Hong Kong to Calif.

Can’t wait until it gets dark! And the day that I’m able to contribute back to the community. : )

I know that I’m a bit late to the party, but comparing the Tank007 to an ITP A3 Eos (upgraded), the Tank007 is brighter (on high) than the ITP, but, the hotspot of the Tank007 is tiny compared to the ITP’s (which isn’t available by that name, anyway).