Need some brand name clarifications please

Hello all,

Very new to the forum and actually just realized my new obsession when I took inventory recently.

I’ve been doing some browsing, reading, learning, and I think I’m starting to see some connections. This forum has been very helpful with what to try / consider just based on folks sharing what they have and their thoughts, but I feel like I need to understand a couple things better.

I really like buying from Banggood vs. Gearbest (though I go there for knives when I have to) and I kept seeing the “BLF” flashlights. I now understand (correctly, I hope) that BLF lights are special versions developed by folks on this forum.

Is that correct?

I also read in a couple of places that Thorfire (I have a couple of those on order) is Banggood’s house brand and fairly good quality. True?

Finally, I’m seeing a lot of BLF linked with Astrolux, so what’s the connection there?

I’m asking this in a new thread simply because I haven’t been able to get all the answers in the searches and browsing I’ve been doing. I’m a definite budget-friendly advocate and I have no problem buying less popular brands (especially after learning about some of the chinese knife brands) but there are so many out there that I’m really trying hard to sort out who does what best.

I’m sure opinions vary but I’m starting to see some trends. For now, I’d just really like to know which brands are in bed with each other and how those relationships work. I feel like I should be able to feel confident about most BLF lights if torch enthusiasts help design and test them, but jeez all this is confusing.

Anyway, thanks in advance for any help you can offer. I really love what I see in this group.


“BLF” edition lights are usually developed with members of BLF. If you search here for a particular model you will find long threads talking about them.

Thorfire is independent of the other stores, they have their own Thorfire store on Amazon but also sell through other stores. They are fairly new but already developing a good reputation for themselves of high-quality and being responsive and active with BLF.

Astrolux is Banggood’s housebrand, somewhat tied to Manker (I think, could be wrong). They have their own models and some BLF lights become Astrolux branded after an initial period of sales. They also have been listening to the wants and desires of the forum, through Banggoods main representative here, Neal. They typically provide a lot of bang for your buck, but QC has been lacking sometimes.

99% sure that Manker is the actual manufacturer for Astrolux. In other words, Banggood designs a light (or…borrows an existing design) that they want to sell as an Astrolux light, then they’re contracted with Manker for production since Banggood (aka Astrolux) doesn’t actually own production facilities.

All of that may be falling apart due to the recent Cometa kerfluffle though. I’m sure Astrolux will continue to exist but I think Banggood is going to have to find another oem to build them.

Not to overlook MaxToch, the manufacturer who does the BLF M24 variants, one GB done with them and another in progress. They manufacture only, so somebody else handles the sales part. Nice here is that so far they’ve delivered exactly and only what they said they would and the product is a very good one.


BLF Special Edition Lights - Master List

May I ask what is on the way here?
Is it the triple Warsun?

There have actually been several GB’s done with Maxtoch before the two I have done.

I did the GB for the M24 BLF-TE and I now have the 2X GB HERE going is the two I think SM is speaking of.

Ah yes!

Okay, this was super helpful. Thank you!

Hmm… I had to look up “kerfluffle” - and I appreciate having a new word to use… dang that’s fun to say!

So there’s some issues with who will build Astrolux items at some point is what I’m guessing. I see a lot of traffic on the A01, which is a very nice looking keychain light, but I’ve never had great luck with twisty tops. Are there any other shining stars from Astrolux?

That is one big honkin’ torch! Frankly, I’m not sure how I feel about seeing a light that I really have no good use for and thinking, “Dude! I want one!”

I’ll Maxtoch on my watch list. Thanks Phil!

I just saw this list and bookmarked the thread! Thank you!